Thursday, May 30, 2013


By John McKee

May 29th 2013 and time for the NEW Barry Wolfe Grand Prix. A criterium by any other name is still a criterium. The old course was just plain dangerous and I only did it once but the organizers dropped the 55/60+ group and it was OK with me BUT in 2012 the planners brought us back on a new course and I don't know why but I say thank you. The new course is 1 mile in length with 3 turns and wide racing lanes. Flat and very fast.
The payout was $200 for the 55s and nothing for the 60s(I heard we got medals but did anyone bother to pick one up. I think we always think of those things we use to get at Ontario.) The turnout was light but quite strong. We seem to get stronger fields in the northern part of our district. 20 55s and 12 60s were entered. The 60 field had most of the strong criterium racers except the UC Cyclery's full clan. The 55s had a full Breakaway from Cancer squad to match against Mark Hoffenberg, William Ralph, Jay Wolkoff and Mike Birditt. Throw in Minnesota's Gerald Finken and assorted other strong 55+ racers and you are talking fireworks. We were in for a real criterium race. None of the ride around and pick off preems and sprint for the finish type race. We were in for a hardcore attacking style race.
Their off!

The beginning of the race was a blur. Hot and fast! No move went uncovered though. The stronger riders were setting themselves up with body blows to the peleton. The preems were very generous in that they were 2 places. I couldn't hear what they were for. I didn't hear cash and that really makes racers blood boil. Whatever the preems were racers were going for them.
Former Olympic racer Tim Mountford on the far side of Mike Birditt. Tim raced in the match sprints in 1964(he was pretty young then-18) & 1968. Tim started racing again in 2012 and looked stronger this year at 67. Great to have you out there, Tim! Somebody older than me by a few months!

That's KK cooling his jets at the back of the pack waiting for another moment to strike.
The attacking place was right after the start/finish line. Breakaway from Cancer was the most active looking for a grouping that DIDN'T include Mark Hoffenberg. Those bums! Mike Birditt was also active. Looking at any move as maybe the one that gets away. Most of the rest of the racers would react to the chases making the race very surgie if that is a word. My wife says it's not but that's ok. You get the idea. Hard efforts and this was having an affect of the health and well being of the peleton. They were being worn down rather quickly. No 60s seemed active except John Roest but he was marked by other 60s like myself. Grab onto "Big" John's wheel and with his height it is a great draft. Cyril Hunte had a flat half way through the race and got back in after a change but didn't have it after that and pulled out.
Did I say the early part of the race was a blur? Well the middle really was messy as well. Attacks were coming from the sides and I was hanging and trying to stay somewhere near the front so I could see what was going on. At one point I drifted a little far back and Nelson "Tail Gunner" Alaan was right next to me. I asked him what he was doing so far up. Later he told me he thought about it and went back to tail gunning.
The race played out from a break fairly late in the race that included Malcolm Hill, Mark Hoffenberg and Rino Barbagiovanni. Swami's saw this as dangerous. Gene Poyorena drove the pack with Mike Birditt on his wheel and ready to launch. KK was on him and ready to go with him. Gene got within 50 meters and Mike sprang out. KK went with him and now there were 5 off the front.
Malcolm Hill, Mark Hoffenberg and Mike Birditt

KK is ahead and Malcolm flatted leaving Mark and Mike to fight for 2nd place
2nd chase group- Rino, Eddie, Gerald, Lothar and William

The 5 worked together but Rino dropped off. Behind Lothar Cramer jumped out of a blocking pack and met Rino. They started to work together. Soon there were more 55+ riders. Gerald "Lakes" Finken and William "Abs" Ralph came across and joined them. Word floated around the pack that no 60+ riders were ahead. If there were, the 4 men who weren't that far ahead would have been brought back quickly. Eddie "TT" Morris of Breakaway from Cancer jumped on the backside and came across the gap to the 4 other chasing riders.
At some point within 5 laps to go KK jumped Mike Birditt and Mark Hoffenberg. Malcolm Hill sat this one out because he and KK are on the same team. KK got away. Mike let the chasing up to Mark for some reason. At 3 to go Malcolm flatted and that was it for him. KK was smoking ahead and didn't seem to be in jeopardy of being caught.
The pack was cooling its heals and waiting for a pack sprint. John Roest and Mike Marotta were doing most of the work but weren't pushing too hard. KK was still ahead and rolled across the line for ANOTHER solo victory. Not only is KK strong but way smart. Tough combo to beat but of course if you that strong it makes you look smart.
KK crossing the line solo for the 55+ victory

Mark tried hard to drop Mike but this wasn't going to happen though Mike indicated Mark's attack was very hard. Both Mike and Mark came around the last corner somewhat recovered with Mike on Mark and the sprint for 2nd started. Mike 2nd and Mark 3rd.
Birdy bests Hoffy for 2nd in 55+

The 2nd chase group was 5 strong and all 55+ racers. Lothar Cramer did most of the work on the last lap and he paid the price and everyone else sprinted by him at the last turn. William Ralph won this sprint followed in by Finken, Morris and Rino B.
William Ralph wins the 2nd chase group sprint

The peleton was taking its time and sizing everyone else up. Tom Buescher went to the front to lead out his teammate Mike "93" Fleming on the last lap. Tom was going strong and kind of strung things out and I was wondering if he could keep this up and the answer was no. He needed to have waited and get "93" closer to the line. What he did do was set up Mike Marotta. MM is a killer and has not only a very good sprint but a long sprint. MM took it from the last corner and really wasn't contested. It was a pretty long ways from the last corner as well and there was a breeze starting up and blowing into the racers faces coming home which made the sprint harder and longer. Kal Szkalak chased and sprinted but no cigar here. Marotta 1st and Kal 2nd. Nelson Alaan woke up long enough to put in a very good sprint. Nelson has a great top end speed and
Peleton sprint with Marotta leading everyone in.

passed lots of riders struggling to get home. I was one of the struggling riders. Nelson was the 1st in the pack in 55+ for 8th place. Monty Pettus racing his 2nd event this year coming off shoulder surgery placed 3rd followed in by Howard Miller and John Roest in 60+.
It was a good hard race and a very strong field. Safe and very aggressive and the strongest riders won both 55+ and 60+. Full results below. All photos are courtesy of Emily Cramer though I did crop some of them. Thank you, Emily! That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!

BWGP  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 60+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 72880 Mike Marotta Swami's Cycling Club 14
2 54522 Kalman Szkalak UC Cyclery/JW Floors 11
3 219074 Leo Pettus OCW/Paramount Racing 10
4 49424 Howard Miller OCW/Paramount Racing 9
5 277180 John Roest Southern California Velo 8
6 180386 John McKee Paramount Racing 7
7 129293 Michael Fleming South Bay Wheelmen 6
8 353290 Tim Mountford Judgement Velo/ TBOV 5
9 9271 Pete Dern Montrose Bike Shop- CW Builders 4
10 257503 Philip Walters Encino Velo Cycling Club 3
11 403798 Barry Miller Conejo Valley Cyclists 2
Total # of riders 12    

BWGP  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 55+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 48434 Keith Ketterer Breakaway from Cancer Masters 14
2 47255 Michael Birditt SKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team 11
3 45461 Mark Hoffenberg Rokform/Rock N' Road 10
4 125834 William Ralph Rokform/Rock N' Road 9
5 49239 Gerald Finken St Paul Bicycle Racing Club 8
6 49080 Eddie Morris Breakaway from Cancer Masters 7
6 49110 Rino Barbagiovanni Santa Clarita Velo 7
7 54084 Lothar Cramer 6
8 64439 Nelson Alaan Lightning Velo 5
9 38811 Jay Wolkoff Radsport Cycling Team 4
10 110259 Lee Romans Paramount Racing 3
11 49472 John Platero FRANCO Bicycles Racing 2
12 46255 Alex Collins UC Cyclery/JW Floors 1
13 16360 Fred Hoblit Swami's Cycling Club 0
14 177958 Kevin Ryan METALMTN Cycling 0
15 222764 Thomas Buescher South Bay Wheelmen 0
16 177283 Eugene Poyorena Swami's Cycling Club 0
Total # of riders 20    

Thursday, May 23, 2013


By John McKee

Its May 19th, 2013 and time for the mid season Ontario Criterium. This is the one time that the rather pedantic 4 corner course is used. To give racers a twist so to speak would be to ride it clockwise rather than the usual counter clockwise. It's surprising what a difference a change in direction makes to the feel of a course. It made a boring course come alive for one race. Good idea, Ray! The weather the week before was unbelievably hot as all of you know from watching the TOC but the temps were mild and it was a pleasant day in Ontario for the Mid Season Ontario Criterium.
24 55s and 15 60s showed to contest the race. The field was strong for both 55 and 60. Decent turnout but no Rokform riders. Rokform is rocking 55+ in 2013 so without them it would be quite a on the course chess match between Swami's, UC Cyclery and Pinnaclife. All the top 60+ criterium racers were in the field except John Rubcic. John had pre registered but was home in bed with a head cold. 60+ was seeing the return of Paramount's fastest racer, Monty Pettus. Monty won many races in 2012.
Motley Crew- That's what Butch Stinton called us on facebook. The nerve of that guy. LOL! Butch misses racing with us. He knows the best overall competition in the country is right here.
TOC audience- Brad House, Announcer Ralph "Pharaoh" Elliot, Bruce Steele & John Rubcic

Mike Birditt looks across to Kal Szkalak. Word got around that Kal was going to hit it from the gun.

After getting a mini lecture from Ralph "Pharaoh" Elliot on where the staging area was we did a warm up lap and lined up to race. Word had gotten around that UCC was going to hit it from the gun and Kal Szkalak did just that. Mike Birditt was all over this and I got going and was up there just in case. Nothing ever happens on the first lap but I guess there is always a first time. A half lap in and Kal threw in the towel. Kal just did what Lothar "Blue Boy" Cramer usually does. 
All the teams knew how fast Mike Birditt is finishing races lately so they were going to try and isolate him and put him at a disadvantage. When is it almost always the best time to get a break going? Right after preem laps.  All the break attempts included  Mike Birditt. Mike can accelerate going for the preem and get on anyone trying to counter the preem sprint.

  There were many formations and one that looked quite dangerous included Mike, Jay Wolfoff and Bruce Hartley of Pinnaclife and Mike Hines and I believe but can't be sure Mike McConnell of UCC. Strong group. SC Velo went into chase mode with 4 or 5 of their riders. Rick Swanson and Demi Hechanova were quarterbacking the chase. Mike Birditt was quite cautious in the break group. He was out numbered and at a disadvantage. SC Velo got pretty close and "Big John" Roest unleashed one of his patented ride across the gap moves. I couldn't allow this and see John connect up with the breakers and be the only 60+ racer in the group. "Big John" was in a break group at Redlands with one other 60+ racer and that was bad for me and my team. Here he would be alone and win the category. Kal Szkalak  and Mike Marotta were sitting in the pack because team members were ahead. Rick Swanson was blocking for John when he made his move. John got about 40 meters away and I decided I had to act. I went around Rick and started a all out chase. I didn't know that everyone else saw this as the go signal! I was using just about everything I had to get to John. I got to him at the same time he got to the break group. I was totally winded. Out of breath. 
I soon realized that the peleton was right behind me. The break group saw this and stopped working. I needed a break. For sure! I sat in hoping that the pace wouldn't pick up much. At least for a while. The catch was great for Marotta and Szkalak. The team that it hurt the most was Pinnaclife. 
                Ever wonder where Mike Birditt gets that jet like acceleration. Look at those legs!

     " ONE LAP TO GO! ONE LAP TO GO!" Announcer Ralph "Pharoah" Elliot screams into the mic!

There seemed to be more preems than other Ontario races. The race started to dwindle down and no break had stuck. The lap cards came up. 5 to go. It looked like a bunch sprint but Mike McConnell wasn't convinced of this. With about 2 laps to go he jumped the field with a newcomer John Platero. John was sporting a Franco jersey and is a cat 3 and 55 years old this year. Hope to see more of him at future races. We need riders! They got a bit of a gap on the field. No one wanted to use their energy bringing them back. The thinking was that they would be sweep up on the last lap or in the sprint to the line. 
The call for "ONE LAP TO GO" came and the twosome were still away. I wouldn't have thought Swami's would have sent a rider up to chase. The pace did pick up and after turn 2 Bruce Hartley went to the front and dug deep to really get things going. Mark was trying to set up his teammate, Jay Wolkoff. Bruce actually played into the hands of Swami's but he didn't know that at the time. By turn 3 things really heated up and the break group was toast. Between turn 2 and 3 I never found an opening to move up into better position. I was really bogged down. 
At turn 3 Mike Hines of UCC hit it hard. Cyril Hunte and Kal Szkalak followed suit. Mike Birditt was nearby and keeping everyone in focus but wasn't unleashing the "hounds" yet. Mike saw Cyril nearing turn 4 thrashing his bike trying to get going. Mike thought this was the time to really push the "GO" button. Mike went wide at 
turn 4. Kal Szkalak got on Mike's wheel and hung on for dear life. Mike Marotta wanted his teammate's wheel as well but he had to sprint for home solo. Once Mike got up to near warp speed no one here was going to come around him. Birditt 1st!
The 60+ race was decided quickly. Kal followed Mike in and near the line tried to come around but no. This wasn't going to happen. Kal was the 2nd rider across the line and the 1st 60+ racer for the win in his category.
The 3rd rider across the line was Mike Marotta. Another nice ride by MM. The next 2 podium placers for 55+ were Cyril Hunte and Mike Hines. The last podium place for 60+ went to myself. I was buried late in the last lap but saw an opening to the outside near turn 4 and saw John Roest and my teammate Monty Pettus. I knew I wanted to get by "Big John". I didn't see Monty get out of the saddle like he usually does. I went way wide and passed a number of riders. Mike Fleming was feeling very good and came up on my left but saw Jay Wolkoff up ahead. Jay had thrown in the towel for some reason and was going pretty slow(Mark's effort went for naught). We were coned from left to right so Mike had to give way. Mike finished behind me and 4th in 60+. I have a great series of sprint photos that were taken on my new Canon Rebel and my new teammate Viet Hoang took them. Viet took over 200 pictures and they all are posted on my facebook page 55/60+ Bike Racing. 

 This was a good hard race and fun for myself and most everyone. The average speed was a little slow at 24.7mph.  I had a rude awakening about 200 meters after the line. I was rolling out after the race and was smacked by Cyril who momentarily lost control of his bike. I got some bad road rash but will be fine. Cyril didn't seem to get any road rash. Hmmmm...that's doesn't seem to be fair. Lol.
55/60+ racing is at a cross roads right now. There is a safety concern and that always plays out when you say criterium but we do have a good track record with cat 3 riders and better. There are few cat 4 riders and those that are would qualify for cat 3 status. I would suggest you do so in case races are restricted to cat 3 or better in the future. We need experienced racers that have left the scene to come back and race. The oldest racer that finished the race was myself and I was the 1st 65+ racer across the line. Complete results below. That's all for now folks!

Ontario 4  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 60+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 54522 Kalman Szkalak UC Cyclery/JW Floors 14
2 72880 Mike Marotta Swami's Cycling Club 11
3 180386 John McKee Paramount Racing 10
4 129293 Michael Fleming South Bay Wheelmen 9
5 219074 Leo Pettus OCW/Paramount Racing 8
6 277180 John Roest Southern California Velo 7
7 30596 Wayne Rosenkrantz Pinnaclife Racing Team 6
8 195498 Donald Kimper UC Cyclery/JW Floors 5
9 155459 Thomas Reilly Santa Clarita Velo 4
10 9271 Pete Dern Montrose Bike Shop- CW Builders 3
11 163360 Roy Turner 2
Total # of riders 15    
Ontario 4  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 55+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 47255 Michael Birditt SKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team 14
2 52086 Cyril Hunte Southern California Velo 11
3 125061 Michael Hines UC Cyclery/JW Floors 10
4 52251 Ricky Shorts Bahati Foundation p/b Major Motion Cycli 9
5 46255 Alex Collins UC Cyclery/JW Floors 8
6 23303 Michael McConnell UC Cyclery/JW Floors 7
7 93812 Donald Denegal Velo Allegro 6
8 64439 Nelson Alaan Lightning Velo 5
9 49472 John Platero FRANCO Bicycles Racing 4
10 15874 Steve Hensler UC Cyclery/JW Floors 3
11 36299 Daniel Valentin Citrus Valley Velo 2
12 38811 Jay Wolkoff Radsport Cycling Team 1
13 49110 Rino Barbagiovanni Santa Clarita Velo 0
14 47262 Dale Luedtke SKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team 0
15 34753 Rick Swanson Southern California Velo 0
16 202041 Mark Planellas Southern California Velo 0
17 58799 John Ward Citrus Valley Velo 0
18 6082 Ben Cardenas Squadra Carrera 0
19 15625 Demi Hechanova Southern California Velo 0
20 54084 Lothar Cramer 0
21 177283 Eugene Poyorena Swami's Cycling Club 0
22 148853 Dale Raymond Southern California Velo 0
23 45431 Bruce Hartley Radsport Cycling Team 0
Total # of riders 24      

Thursday, May 9, 2013


By John McKee

It's the first Saturday in May and time for Barrio Logan. May 4th, 2013 is the date of the 17th annual Bario Logan Grand Prix. This weekend BLGP had to buck the giant NRC event, the Dana Point GP.
Unfortunately many racers would forego BLGP and just do DPGP. Barrio Logan is on a very cool course which it tough and fun all wrapped into one. Add some really bad pavement in areas and the course is quite a challenge and you can see breaks work here where they might not any where else. Bike handling is important here. Flying through the corners into the next leg WITHOUT using your brakes is a learned skill in a group but important to conserve energy. If you are too far back in a group you have no choose but to brake but a course like this you want to fly through the corners and into the next leg. There are 8 corners with 2 of them left handers in a short course. Quite fun actually!
Peter Pountney
The 2013 BLGP 55/60+ race is being sponsored by the Peter Pountney family. They donated $1,000 to be put into the 55 and 60+ categories. Peter was a long time SDBC member. Peter starting racing for SDBC as a junior and won the State Junior Championship at the 1965 Rose Bowl Race. Peter got married in 1969, started a family in 1976 and developed a successful engineering company. Peter stopped racing but continued to ride his bike when he could and did many many SDBC club riders with the  thought of getting back into racing some day. Peter was a big supporter of the Barrio Logan race. Sadly Peter passed away August 16th, 2012 at the age of 66. This really hits home since I am 66.
The sign ups were amazingly low in 55+ but fair in 60+.  There would be a 55+ category at DPGP but NO 60+ category. Unless 60+ riders race more often there will be no inclusion in big events like DPGP but BLGP has a better handle on categories that make for a well rounded event that racers of all ages have a chance to compete. The 55/60+ racers came to the line at 7:50 am after a spirited cat 5 race. No crash there. Awesome! Can't say the same for the cat 4 race which was after the 55/60+ race. You should be able to take that last corner in a sprint without going into the hay bales but the cat 4s piled up there. They were the leading riders too!
Yours truly with Peter's family. Those are Peter's Shimano jerseys from the 1960s. Photo courtesy of unknown person using my camera. Thanks though!
There were a few former winners of this event in the pack ready to race. Kal Szkalak won the 55+ race in 2012 and would be racing 60+ in 2013. Rick Swanson won 55+ in 2011 and I won 60+ in 2011. John Rubcic won 60+ in 2012 which was his 6th win at BLGP. The 2013 BLGP would be an attempt for "Rocket Boy" to win an unprecedented 7th time! Seems like UCC would work toward this goal. Wouldn't you think?
We were off and Lothar "Blue Boy" Cramer led us around. In fact he got a gap because that bum UC Cyclery rider Don Kimper starting blocking because there were 2 UCC rider with Lothar(Lothar changed course at DPGP and wore a orange jersey. He really stood out). Don't know what got ahold of me but I started a spirited chase on the downhill leg. I pulled over going uphill and let someone else have some fun. Lothar doesn't have 40 minute "legs" at this time so everyone was all back together.
Mike Birditt takes up the early chase.  Our new Canon Rebel is awesome. I left it on a commuter train at the Denver Airport but it was quickly turned in and I got it back without my wife knowing. She doesn't read my blog so don't tell her. It's our secret. Lol. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
The next move was taken by UC Cyclery but this like almost everything they did ended in disaster. They have got to know the players and what they can do before racing with success. Rick Roberson and Mark Helvie went off the front and took "Big John" Roest with them.
The dangerous "Rouleur" John Roest with Mark Helvie and Rick Roberson. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
Mark Helvie used a lot of energy getting away. Rick dropped off and then "Big John" showed his stuff. His stuff is really strong riding. To the point that he dropped Mark. This wasn't a charity ride. Mark went too deep to get away and paid the price but the paying went way down the line. It wasn't just Mark's fault. The club should have chased down their own riders and waited for a better mix. Roest was too much of a threat to "Rocket Boy".  Once away "Big John" was ALL IN!
Early race action. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
Even with Roest away they still had Szkalak, Rubcic, Collins and Rodiguez to chase but Kal jumped a couple to times which caused a reaction but sustained effort. I know its a lot easier to do Monday morning quarterbacking but the successful teams do it on the road and make those split second decisions that make or break a race.
Roest with Helvie. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.

"Blue Boy" is pretty much solo in chasing Roest. Nothing in it for Birditt to chase. He is 55+.  Rick Swanson is on the same team as Roest. No help there. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
With Roest away field setting up for prime sprint for $80. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
Mid race picture. Birditt, McKee and Rubcic. Photo courtesy of Jinna Thomas. Jinna took 6,000 pictures of the race and was there all day. Thank you, Jinna. Jinna is at turn 2 here and sticking out a bit. I was worried she might get pegged. 
The field whiled away its race time sprinting for primes.  I knew this was where a break could occur and stayed close to Birditt's wheel on the $80 prime. I thought after Mike B. won the prime sprint that Mike McConnell would push it but wisely he didn't and "Rocket Boy" wouldn't want me away. "Blue Boy" is a natural born chaser so it wasn't going to happen. 
After a time Kal Szkalak figured a concerted team effort wasn't in the cards. He had tried to get away for a solo chase but was chased down. The 3rd time he got away. I was caught flat footed too far back to get on him. Kal got a gap and was off on a hopeless chase of the race leader.
"Big John" Roest rolling it on his own. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
Kal Szkalak on a solo chase of the race leader. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
OK. The lap cards come up and 2 60+ riders are away. John Roest comes to the front of the pack with one lap to go. Roest took the lead which was perfect for Mike Birditt. I got my lap cards mixed up but
John Roest to the front with one lap to go. Mike B. is ready. I got my laps mixed up and was caught back but was reacting. Photo courtesy of Lisa McKee.
came up and Lothar was on John Rubcic and I asked "Blue Boy" if I could have his wheel and he let me in. Thanks Lothar Cramer. The speed was medium fast so no one came forward to take up the pace and or tried to jump it to the line. Roest, Birditt, Rubcic and myself. Not sure who was behind me. About 2/3 the way up the hill Birditt jumped. He figured no one could contest from that point and he was right. He was first to the line with Rubcic right behind him. Birditt won the 55+ but "Rocket Boy" was 3rd in 60+. Roest was the winner and Kal was 2nd being between Roest and the peleton.
The remainder of the race finish is a little fuzzy. My wife's camera came up with memory card full after turning on the video mode. 3 seconds into the vid it says memory full and here comes Birditt. Lol. I don't know if any one else took photos or knows. I saw Paul Rodiguez on my right sprinting for home and came by him. I think Paul sat up for I don't know what reason. Rick Swanson and again I don't know where I was compared to Rick at he finish. Rick took his foot a little off the gas and Alex Collins comes by him for 3rd place in 55+ and the last podium spot. It was a good hard race. UCC didn't exactly race the smartest race I have ever seen. They seemed so focused on taking it out of Mike Birditt.  Mike had 15 surges on his power meter later when he downloaded it. Other than the prime sprints they were taking it too him but he handled everything they threw at him with ease. They should have focused on John Rubcic. Focus, focus!
It was a shame we didn't get a better turnout. A number of riders are injuried at this time and a few had to work on Saturday(hospital and Post Office). I hope this low turnout is a wake up call to racers because the races we take for granted may end. Promoters can duplicate younger racers like at DPGP and do say 35 3/4 or 40 4/5 or whatever and get more riders but reduce the race opportunities to all riders that would include us. Yes, we could race down and finish 20th or 40th or whatever but id you want the chance to really compete you HAVE TO SHOW UP. You guys have to come out more often or we will lose the opportunity to race. Podium pics and full results are below.
55+ 1st podium - Birditt 1 & Collins 3. Photo courtesy of John McKee.

2nd 55+ podium- McConnell 2 & Birditt1. Mike C. was out looking for hammers and didn't make it to the 1st podium. He has a hammer in his back pocket in the picture. He had a beauty with a wooden handle and a head that was about to come off. Photo courtesy of John McKee.
60+ podium- Roest 1 & Rubcic 3. Photo courtesy of John McKee.

Barrio Logan Grand Prix  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 55+
PlaceLicenseNameTeamSoCal Points
147255Michael BirdittSKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team14
223303Michael McConnellUC Cyclery/JW Floors11
346255Alex CollinsUC Cyclery/JW Floors10
454084Lothar Cramer9
534753Rick SwansonSouthern California Velo8
615760Mark HelvieUC Cyclery/JW Floors7
750302Richard LeeSan Diego Cyclo Vets6
8282806Ralph Rivas5
Total # of riders8

Barrio Logan Grand Prix  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 60+
PlaceLicenseNameTeamSoCal Points
1277180John RoestSouthern California Velo14
254522Kalman SzkalakUC Cyclery/JW Floors11
348760John RubcicUC Cyclery/JW Floors10
4180386John McKeeParamount Racing9
558847Paul RodriguezUC Cyclery/JW Floors8
626089Fred NicoletACQUA AL 2/SDBC7
761193John WagenaarUC Cyclery/JW Floors6
851026Theodore LeeACQUA AL 2/SDBC5
972139Armen KhachadourianSan Diego Cyclo Vets4
10195498Donald KimperUC Cyclery/JW Floors3
11228631James SwigartACQUA AL 2/SDBC2
1250765Richard RobersonUC Cyclery/JW Floors1
13126668Joey ValdiviaUC Cyclery/JW Floors0
Total # of riders13