Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wackie: That was some kind of race in Santa Clarita at the "The Showdown". Don't you think, Shooter?

Shooter: Yea, it was kind of confusing for a while but the gangsta crew at UCC came through in the end.

Wackie: Yea, "The Annihilator" laid the wood to everyone in 55+ and "Rocket Boy" beat "The Paramount Flash" in 60+.

Shooter: That was pretty exciting but I heard "The Paramount Flash" went down later and broke some ribs. I know you and I were over at the Hyatt having brunch. Saw that writer guy in there having pancakes with raspberries, bananas and syrup and sipping mimosas.

Wackie: Yea, I saw him too. Shouldn't he been out there with his teammate?

Shooter:  You would think so. Didn't have his back. Like Johnny Mac during the campaign. His people let me do that Katie Couric thing.

Wackie: Well, it wasn't that bad. So you couldn't name a magazine or newspaper that you read and that thing on Russia could have been worse.  I'm sure Putin and the Russians are a danger to Alaska. You did make a comeback on SNL. Loved that thing with Amy Pohler.

Shooter: Enough about the campaign. I thought "Buns of" was going to do better at Pontius. He was always at the front and then at the end....

Wackie: Can't win them all, Shooter. Tough competition in 60+. 60+ had 6 of the first 11 finishers overall.

Shooter: You look a little different today, Wackie.  You been eating a lot of those animal products.

Wackie:  No, but I have to say that softly. I own a farm and get contributions from farm and rancher Pacs. What you are seeing is a butt bra by Booty Pop. Like they say "Go from flat to fab in a 'pop'". I want that KK look.

Shooter: What? KK. You mean Keith Ketterer? The guy that set the world record for the hour in 50+ on the track?

Wackie: No, Shooter. Not him. I know he is a "Giant" of a rider but I am talking about Kim Kardashian. What a booty she has.

Shooter: You are really out there, Wackie. I prefer the other KK. He doesn't race much with the guys this year though. I hear he is saving up for Natz and Worlds.

Wackie: Didn't that other guy also set a record that day at the track. The guy that always looks a little puffy after his winter off season.

Shooter: Oh, you are talking about Kenny. You haven't seen him in a while. He is sporting a new  athletic look since he married "The Iron Maiden".  She is tough. A regular food Nazi. They much be MFEO like in "Sleepless in Seattle". Riding better than ever too I hear. Another guy that doesn't race much but he should be at SLR this weekend.

Wackie: What happening this weekend in 55/60+ racing?

Shooter: Well there is Barrio Logan on Saturday. SDBC is the host club there. Look for the gangstas of UCC to dominate there. Home field advantage. "Rocket Boy" is closing in on Butch Stinton for the most wins there.San Luis Rey is Sunday. Should be a good race  in 55+. Kenny will be tough to beat in a road race in 60+.

Wackie: I hear the 55s and 60s are combined this year and scored separately.

Shooter: Yea, I guess they didn't have enough riders to make it work starting separately.

Wackie: You going to be at any of the races?

Shooter: I should make BL but I can't make SLR. I have to go to "Bewarizona" for another speech.

Wackie: See you on Sat.  then, Shooter.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


By John McKee

April 25th, 2010 and it's the date for the Chuck Pontius Criterium. Better known as the "Showdown at Pontius". I tried to build some interest for the event including the first episode of "Wackie" and "Shooter". Don't know what happened or why but the turnout exceeded expectations. Between 50 and 55 riders lined up to race at 8:15 am in Santa Clarita. 48 finished this year versus 35 last year. There was a good presence from some of the clubs from the Santa Barbara area. 2 clubs stood out in PAA and Velo Allegro. PAA had 7 racers and VA had 5. Thanks to everyone that made it out and especially those clubs that had a large presence.
As most of you know Monty Pettus of Paramount has been on fire in 60+ this year. John Rubcic of UCC has raced little but is undefeated so far this season. The two were going head to head at the Chuck Pontius Criterium. Besides the competition in 60+ UCC has had some very good competition in 55+ from Swami's Mike Birditt. You couldn't just pencil in Dale Luedtke or Kal Szkalak for 1st place any more. Add in many very good racers and you were in for a good show and race.
When the race went off I had this feeling of claustrophobia with so many riders around but quickly got over it. Alex Collins started off the race like a fast parade. There were some lulls through the race but the race was mostly on. The course is a natural for a fast race. Fairly short with 4 corners and wide streets except the bottom of the course after turn one. Pavement was ok except after the start/finish line. It was awful there and slowed things down a bit. The bottom of the course was the fastest area being slightly downhill. Speeds got up over 30 mph and led into a very wide street on the backstretch. It was slightly uphill but everyone kept their speed up and almost always smoked it uphill with speeds over 29 mph at times. The average speed for the whole race was over 25 mph thanks to a large field and some aggressive riding. Many riders were out there jumping and chasing. 2 that stand out were Pedro Ordaz(Unattached) and Kim Bleth of Platinum Performance(soon to be UCC-rumor has it). Alex Collins of Canyon Velo and Rick Swanson were also active but not the only ones. Glenn Baldwin of SLO Nexus and "Buns of" Steele of SBW both 60+ were always seen at the front of the race chasing and charging around. UCC played their hand close to the vest. Dale made one jump early and Kal made one late but mainly stayed in the flow of the race as did JR, Monty and Mike Birditt. All the firepower from so many different directions pointed toward neutralization and a "Bunchie". The pace and the chasing created a constant churn. More so than ever. If you weren't moving up, you were going backward. I guarantee the pace was the fastest ever at this race and I knew the last lap was going to smoke.
After all the racing and work by so many riders the lap card came up on 6 and everything was together. It brought a pall over the race. At first no one wanted to do anything. This nervousness can be dangerous although our cats have a very good safety record this year. Always safety first guys. The teams started to line up. JR got on the big guys at UCC. Mike Duck started to lead for Paramount with Monty and myself in tow. There were a few jumps in the last few laps but it was basically a very anxious time. Everyone was trying to get themselves in good position for the finish. The last lap came and Paramount had lost its train in the shuffle. UCC is a little more polished and was still together. Mike Birditt was marking them closely. Monty told me before the race that the race was going to be determined from corner 3 to corner 4 and this was to be true. I got buried in the bunch and Mike Duck was just ahead of me but I couldn't get to his wheel for a lead out. I was going to have to pass as many riders as I could when things broke up. The pace going up between turn 2 and 3 was modestly fast. All hell broke loose just before turn 3. UCC jumps wide left to get a good angle into the last corner. A few less knowledgeable riders broke right. As things broke up I got out of the saddle and tried to smoke through holes in the pack never quite getting to Mike Duck who had Mike Barnes on his tale.
The overall race was fleshing out up front. As most of you know Dale likes to take the lead into the last corner and this race was no exception. Kal was on his wheel with Birditt following. Hitting the last corner at near max speed 5 riders were lined up. Dale, Kal, Mike, JR and Monty. They actually had a gap and built on it coming slightly downhill to the finish line.
This course was tailor made for Dale but maybe not ideal for John Rubcic being so light. Dale actually lengthened it out to the finish line. Mike Birditt tried to come in on the left near Ralph's shack but it was one, two, three like they came into the last corner as Monty predicted. Dale wins 55+ with Kal second and Mike 3rd. In 60+ "The Showdown" was much closer. Monty also tried to come in on the left near the shack and both him and JR were at max power and speed right to the finish line. You can see from the pic to the left that JR got the best of Monty by about 1/2 a wheel. Great race, I say.
There was a bit of a gap to the next large pack with Ricky Shorts coming in for 4th in 55+ and Carlos Cruz placing 3rd in 60+ in the gap. The rest of the riders came streaming in with the 60+ racers dominating the action. You can see to the right Mike Duck of Paramount leading everyone in. 5 of the next 7 racers to finish are 60+. After Mike there is Mike Barnes(60+), Mark Planellas(55+), myself(60+), Raffy Gomez(60+), Alex Collins(55+), and Mike Fleming(60+). The rest of the crew comes streaming in(one more pic and vid below). The riders stretched all the way from the finish line to the last corner. Overall nice job by everyone. Great turnout. I know a few of you stuck around and did the 40+ 3/4 race as did Monty Pettus. Monty got taken down between turn 3 and 4 and broke one rib and cracked another. He unfortunately will be out for about 6 weeks. Monty was really looking forward to the district championship on May 9th but it won't happen.
The month of May has 4 weekends with 2 races(5 if you count the TTT) and one of them the crit champ and the ITT champ. Big month of racing. Starting this Wednesday and every Wed. for a while there will be a new post of the "Misadventures of Wackie and Shooter" with humorous comments about 55 and 60+ racers and political satire. I am not going to give notice to everyone. If interested, check it out. If not, don't.
All the results for Chuck Pontius are now posted on the SCNCA website . That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!

Friday, April 23, 2010


This conversation was overheard and retold by a well known Tea Party member so it much be true. Everyone is talking about "THE SHOWDOWN AT PONTIUS" and it seems these 2 celebrity politicians are also very interested in the Chuck Pontius Memorial Criterium......

Sarah "Shooter" Palen: Hey "Wackie". How are you doing?

Michelle "Wackie" Bachman: Fine "Shooter". What's you been up to lately?

SP: I have been so busy with this speaking tour. Boy is it taxing! The one good thing is I don't have to answer any real questions. Don't want to get caught off guard.

MB: Yea "Shooter", I know what you mean. What brings you to Southern California? Are you in between engagements?

SP: Yea "Wackie", I have a little time until my next speech.

MB: I would have thought "Shooter" that you would have gone home to Alaska and gone hunting and stuff.

SP: Yea, I just love to kill innocent animals but I am in town for the LA Times Festival of Books.

MB: I didn't know you could read...I mean like to read.

SP: Hey, I am a college graduate. I just love to read. I love to expand my mind reading the classics.

MB: You know "Shooter" your nose is getting longer.

SP: Oh well "Wackie" I guess I have to tell you the truth. I am in town to see "The Showdown".

MB: That's what I figured. I can't wait to see it too. You know Glen is going to have a piece on "The Showdown" between a segment on the climate change hoax and an interview with me. I think he is going to go to his black board. That should make the whole thing crystal clear.

SP: Great, I will have to tune in.

MB: Who do you like in the race?

SP: In which cat..55 or 60+?

MB: Isn't "The Showdown" all about the 60+ race?

SP: Not anymore. That Swami guy has decided to race and take on that gangsta crew at UCC in 55+.

MB: Holy taco, "Shooter". That sounds tough but I hear not all the gangstas show up.

SP: Yea, I hear that too. I so wanted to see T Rod.

MB: He's dreamy but he only likes blonds.

SP: NO! That's A Rod that only likes to spank blonds.

MB: Hmmmm....OK. What's this T Rod like?

SP: Well "Wackie" I know he likes to ski so I bet he would love Alaska.

MB: Who do you like in 60+?

SP: I know everyone is talking about Rubcic vs Pettus but I kind of like Bruce "Buns of" Steele. He looks so hot in that SBW kit.

MB: Yea, I hear you there "Shooter" but I kind of like that Paramount guy Monty Pettus. I heard through the grapevine that he hit 1244 watts the other day at the Intergiro sprint on his powertap.

SP: That is impressive, "Wackie". No doubt about that. He must be the favorite right now but that little guy from UCC is so fast down the stretch and has had great success the last couple of years.

MB: Yea, experience is important. Experience was one of your strong points in your resume for the VP spot.

SP: Thanks. You know Glen will probably ask you about this financial reeform on his show. Do you have any idea what to say?

MB: Well, "Shooter". I was a blank on that until I had lunch with these really nice guys from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, & Citicorp. They filled me in and up. Those apple martinis were awesome. They told me with this reeform they may not be able to make 3 billion dollars a quarter any more!

SP: You know "Wackie" those were paid lobbyists. It's their job to make things sound good for their side.

MB: What??? Is that legal?

SP: "Wackie" you better stick to something you know about like 55/60+ racing.

MB: Yea and I just love those race reports on that blog. I learn so much. What a writer. They say he rides pretty good too but can't win the big one.

SP: Who do you like on the gangsta crew in 55+?

MB: Well, "Shooter".. I like Luedtke in a "Bunchie" but Kal likes to work those breaks and what a body. Have you seen those pics of him in those skinny swimsuits? Yummy! That Swami guy with the big legs is good and that Amgen guy Wiford is also good. They will have their chances.

SP: "Wackie", any long shots in 60+?

MB: Yea, that pesky little guy. What's his name? Fleming, yea. He just won in Torrance and that Cruz guy has won twice this year.

SP: Thanks for the tips.

MB: OK, "Shooter". I guess I will see you Sunday morning in Valencia.

SP: Yea, "Wackie". I will see you there. The only bummer is I have to pay for my own hotel room. Maybe I can figure a way to stick it to someone.

The characters in this post are purely fictional. Any resemblance to someone real is entirely coincidental. LOL!

Monday, April 19, 2010


By John McKee

April 18th, 2010 saw 2 races for the 55 and 60+ crowd. There was a road race in Bakersfield and a criterium in Torrance put on by the Penninsula Cycle Club. Brad House of Back on Track Productions is a member and driving force of the club. Tony Jabuka of The Bike Palace is a major sponsor. I want to thank the host club, Brad and Tony for doing a nice job with the event. I know in the past they have struggled getting some of the basics done like registration right and this year was better but still lacking. The vols have to get there at 5:30 am. Not 6:30 am. ALL of them! Reg was a bit of a nightmare but I was one of the first people there so I got my number quickly. Reg bogged down soon after.  A little nasty there. I do want to thank Tony for being so generous with the prizes for our cats. We didn't turn out basically. 13 60s and 10 55s. There was suppose to be $300 in bike stuff for a combined finish list. Tony gave at least $400 in merchandise to BOTH the 55s and 60s and good stuff too. The winner got a very nice black Bike Palace jacket. Yes, you push his shop but it looked great and was a $125 value. 2nd place was a Trek helmet. Last place or 6th for the prize list was a seat pack with a multi tool. Thank you for being so generous. I know Brad has a rep for unusual stuff this wasn't.
The scheduled time for the 55/60+ was 8:35 am. We were sandwiched between junior groups for some reason but 8:35 wasn't bad considering we often start at 7:30 am. Like mentioned earlier the start list was light especially on 55s. I know a few guys were at the RR but it looks like most UCC and CVV guys were racking it in or just going out for a training ride. When UCC wants to line it up they can put up some impressive numbers. I thought they were going for the overall in Socal Points. UC Cyclery/JW Flooring did have there criterium one two punch and it is as strong as there is out there in Dale Luedtke and Kal Szkalak. Put T Rod and some of their other excellent riders and they could dominate 55+ like Amgen Masters dominates 35+ and 45+. I wonder who is number one in Socal Points is. UCC and CVV weren't the only clubs as mind(Paramount) was light and SBW. This race was in the South Bay area and there was not one SBW member. Wow! Velo Allegro was also a zero.
OK the race is off. Jim and Betty Roebuck are helping with officiating. Thanks Jim and Betty. JR had the week off after being the follow motorcyclist at DPGP. The race is scheduled for 40 minutes. Dale Luedtke goes to the front and does tempo. He looks like he could do this all day long. The course at Torrance is a 1/2 mile square and the shortest course on the crit circuit. A break group could lap the field. With lots of corners a small group can do well here. There were a number of good bumps on the course and my Bongrager seat cap loosened only 5 mins into the race. I went over a bump and my saddle went forward. I pushed back on the rear of the saddle and moved it back. I tried to stay centered over the saddle to keep it from moving during the race. I was wondering if I was going to make it to the end of the race. I was able to keep it under control. The first break attempt was started by Mike Birditt. You have to understand the mix of riders as a break attempt to succeed would have to have the right mix. No offense to anyone but there were 4 strong experienced 55s in the race that would dominate the action. Dale, Kal, Mike Birditt and Richard Keegan of Ironfly. Richard doesn't race with us much and only races when the event is close to home but he is strong and a factor in this race.
The first break attempt was started by Mike Birditt. Mike rolled off the front and Dale let him go. I jumped and thought this was worth an effort. It took a bit but I got on Mike's wheel.

Mike kept looking back and Dale was riding tempo just keeping us in sight. Mike did most of the work but I did what I could without fatiguing myself. The key to a break today was one of the UCC guys would have to be in it and it wouldn't hurt if Mike and or Richard Keegan were in it as well. A 60+ guy could go for a ride to a victory if in a small select group like this. 2 riders came across the gap and it wasn't the right 2. Richard Keegan was one but the other was a new 55+ racer by the name of Larry White. Larry hasn't raced in 5 years and looks very fit and was active doing the race but he couldn't pull in the group and Dale closed the effort out. Wrong mix. Too bad for me. The 60s for the most part raced a defensive type race and that is understandable but made Dale somewhat upset. I heard the term "negative" racing. Dale is a marked man because of his success. I say Dale doesn't know how strong he is compared to the rest of the field like at Torrance. The 60s can't match him and only 2 55s can actually chase him down and that's Mike and Richard. I say double up when caught or do the Everly Brothers(Don and Phil-haven't seen these good riders lately. We miss them) two step. Once the tongues are hanging out make the move that few can response too.
Steve Borer was the next person to make a move. Steve is making a quick comeback after his crash at Ontario. Good to see him back and riding well. Steve got a bit of a gap and kept it up for several laps. Steve was hoping someone would join him but no luck there.

Steve was reeled in. There were a few moves and Larry White was very active but didn't have the punch to hold up. The move that was the most dangerous happened about 25 minutes into the race. Not sure who started it but it included Richard Keegan, Kal Szkalak, and Mike Birditt. Bingo! The right combo.
Dale can't do anything because his teammate was there and does tempo at the front with some help for John Edwards also of UCC. I know Dale wants to come across and make it 2 UCC riders in the group but he jumps too late to get across so big a gap. Actually Larry White made a move to chase and I put in an effort to chase him down and Dale jumped off of this once Larry was caught. I was faged from my effort and couldn't get on Dale. Mistake.
I know Dale and the 55s want the 60s to be more active but hitting the physical limiter makes it hard to respond to moves out of the pack.

Dale gets away from the group and realizes he can't get across so he does just enough tempo to stay away from the group. The one woman in the field had been off the front and she can't stay on Dale's wheel. Cynthia Sjogren has raced with us before and its great and wish we had more game women. Our regular woman is Sanda Timbal of Velo Avanti but is visiting her parents in Romania right now.

In the mean time the 3 breakers are working together and are about to lap the field with about 6 laps to go.
The field is all together now except for Dale who is in no man's land and going to come in 4th place in 55+ and overall. The 3 breakers work their way back to the front. The officials skip a lap for everyone and go from 7 to 5 laps to go. Its all about jocking now for position. The 3 places for 55+ are going down to a field sprint and all the positions are up for 60+. I try and stay at the front like John Rubcic would. I am hoping for a very fast last couple of laps but it isn't going to happen. Mike Birditt goes to the front with 2 laps to go and does easy tempo. Everyone plays off Mike. On the last lap the jump is going to come but when and who. You can see it is Richard Keegan and is with 3 corners to go. Richard puts the pressure on and his teammate Barney Feigenbaum got on him but folded right away. Mike and Kal moved in and lined up. Between 2 and 1 corners to go Mike Fleming and John Edwards move ahead of me. I am thinking damn that pesky Mike. Jumping ahead of me again. I get on his wheel thinking I can jump him coming home. I should have jumped him before the last corner. Keegan is strong and takes the last corner first. Kal jumps to the right and yells at Richard that is coming in on the right side. There are cones angling in and makes the right side dicey. Mike Fleming is a cagey racer and gets on Kal's wheel. This takes me back and creates a gap and I start after it out of the saddle for a moment trying to gain some mo. Richard had moved to his left and pretty much blocked out Mike Birditt from getting a clean shot at the line. Kal took the hole shot and it was going to pay off with the victory. Mike Birditt got around Richard and placed 2nd. Richard was 3rd in 55+. All the placing were out there for 60+. I was closing on Mike Fleming. Loren Stephens was on the far side and out of the saddle in a big gear and closing quickly. Raffie Gomez was also coming on. Mike Fleming was tying up and gearing down trying to hang on and just does. Victory for Fleming. I came in about a half a wheel short with Stephens topping out the max speed in 60+ but just late to the line. Gomez bested John Edwards for 4th place. You could throw a blanket over the 5 of us. It was very close. Overall places 5 thru 13 went to 60+ racers except for Steve Borer at 11. Fleming was 5th overall and I was 6th and seemingly the last place for merchandise but thanks to Bike Palace, it wasn't.
Overall it was a good clean race. I know there was talk of negative racing but we need stronger riders to make the action more aggressive. Next week is Chuck Ponitus. I have to call it "The Showdown at Ponitus". Rubcic of UCC vs. Monty Pettus of Paramount in 60+. Should be an exciting race. I hear Swami's is baling on the race so its pretty much UCC 's show in 55+ unless some Amgen racers come on.
Nice pic of the 3 60+ placers. Couldn't get the 55s together. I have my DAR Patroits hat on. The Daughter's of the American Revolution built a school in Northeast Alabama to help a needy rural community in the 20s. My mother was one of the first classes to graduate in 1940. When I visited the area in the 50s it was still lets say  less than propersus. Homes didn't have indoor plumbing in the mid 50s. When I visited last year Grant, Ala. has become a very nice community built around the school that the DAR built. It was 95% farming early on but not now. You use to eat what you grew or you didn't eat.
You wouldn't know that my mother's side of the family are American blue bloods being direct descentants of John Alden. John came over on the Mayflower in 1620. Proud of my family roots. Here is a shout out to my cousins in Ala.- Charis Sanders and Delphine Wright(maiden names) who were so nice to my wife and I when we visited after Natz last year. Thanks to aunt and uncle Arnold and Earlene Sanders putting us up. That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe! Complete placing are below for 60+ and overall. 55+ placing aren't on the SCNCA website yet. You can figure from these placing who is who. Message into Eric Smith to get the placings for 55+ and the Socal Points that go with it.

Torrance Criterium  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 60+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 129293 Michael Fleming Coates Cyclery Cycling Club 14
2 180386 John McKee Paramount Racing 11
3 234791 Loren Stephens Pinnaclife Racing Team 10
4 3793 Raphael Gomez Cycles Veloce 9
5 46547 John Edwards UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 8
6 61278 Mario Seri Herbalife LaGrange 7
7 101582 William Carvin Unattached 6
8 50498 Richard Rodriguez Pacific Sunset Velo/Pac Sun Velo 5
9 45342 Domenick Forte Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA) 4
10 48063 Barnett Feigenbaum ironfly 3
11 45763 Robert Paganini Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA) 2
12 3794 Vicente Gomez Cycles Veloce 1
13 50406 Michael Edwards Herbalife LaGrange 0

Torrance Criterium  (Rank 1.0)
Masters 55+ 60+
Place License Name Team SoCal Points
1 54522 Kalman Szkalak UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 0
2 47255 Michael Birditt Swami's Cycling Club 0
3 142249 Richard Keegan Iron Fly 0
4 47262 Dale Luedtke UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 0
5 129293 Michael Fleming Coates Cyclery Cycling Club 0
6 180386 John McKee Paramount Racing 0
7 234791 Loren Stephens Pinnaclife Racing Team 0
8 3793 Raphael Gomez Cycles Veloce 0
9 46547 John Edwards UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 0
10 61278 Mario Seri Herbalife LaGrange 0
11 245777 Steven Borer ACQUA AL 2/SDBC 0
12 101582 William Carvin Unattached 0
13 50498 Richard Rodriguez Pacific Sunset Velo/Pac Sun Velo 0
14 37980 Larry White Team Coastal Tree Care-SGBC 0
15 45342 Domenick Forte Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA) 0
16 288193 Ronald Carlson METALMTN Cycling 0
17 257503 Philip Walters Encino Velo Cycling Club 0
18 48063 Barnett Feigenbaum ironfly 0
19 45763 Robert Paganini Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA) 0
20 271949 Cynthia Sjogren Pull Thru Racing 0
21 47314 Gary Prideaux Lightning Velo 0
22 3794 Vicente Gomez Cycles Veloce 0
23 50406 Michael Edwards Herbalife LaGrange 0

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

55+ 2010 Ominium

This write up is edited from a UCC team message and is written by Mitch Weinstock. I wanted the 55s to get some ink since George Chester did such a great job writing about the 60s at the Ominium.

In the omnium, Mark Huffman could not have been more consistent, with second-place finishes in the time trial, road race and criterium en route to handily capturing the 3-day event. The team dominated the omnium leader board with Kal Szkalak making the podium in the third spot, Mike Mueller fourth, Bob Wilcox sixth, Mark Helvie seventh and Mitch Weinstock eighth.
The 55+ effort at the omnium provided a clinic in team racing.
Huffman's time-trial performance Friday put him in position for the
overall win, but it was the squad's control of both the road race and
criterium that assured Huffman of victory.
On Saturday, Huffman, Mueller and Helvie launched a decisive attack
less than half way through the grueling 46-mile stage to crush
overall runner-up Ed Morris of Amgen-UBS Elite Masters Racing. The
trio put an astonishing 7 minutes on Morris, who never seriously
challenged Huffman for the overall again. In the criterium Sunday,
the UC Cyclery squad placed Huffman in a protective rolling
enclosure, shepherding him to a second-place finish behind Szkalak
who was first across the line.

San Diego Cyclo Vets Omnium
9-11 April 2010

PL NUM NAME----------------- TEAM---- TT RR CRIT SP1 SP2 TOTAL

1 161 huffman, mark uccyclery/jwfloors 22 26 23 0 0 71
2 165 Morris, Eddie Amgen UBS Elite Mast 26 13 15 0 0 54
3 153 SZKALAK, KAL UC CYCLERY/JW FLOORS 13 14 27 0 0 54
4 151 Mueller, Michael UCC / JW Floors 15 23 13 0 0 51
5 163 shuey, gary citrus valley velo 17 20 12 0 0 49
6 155 Willcox, Robert UC Cyclery/JW Floori 19 16 10 0 0 45
7 171 Helvie, Mark UC Cyclery / JW Floo 11 18 11 0 0 40
8 168 Weinstock, Mitch UC Cyclery / JW Floo 9 12 17 0 0 38
9 150 Tippets, Bill 0 30 0 0 0 30
10 180 Fuller, Ken 0 0 20 0 0 20
11 152 bernede, steve simple green 0 11 9 0 0 20
12 166 Moore, Reed UC Cyclery/JW Floori 0 10 7 0 0 17
13 172 Horine, Steve UC Cyclery/JW Floors 0 8 6 0 0 14
14 158 Lozano, Fernan Sho-air/Sonance 8 4 0 0 0 12
15 157 Garcia, Matias Cal Pools Dewalt 5 2 4 0 0 11
16 173 Provence, Fred San Diego Cyclo-Vets 0 6 5 0 0 11
17 154 Skalak, Rick PAA 6 0 3 0 0 9
18 177 Planellas, Mark 0 9 0 0 0 9
19 160 Borer, Steve Aqua al 2/SDBC 0 0 8 0 0 8
20 164 Burnett, Buzz San Diego Cyclo-Vets 7 0 0 0 0 7
21 176 Gentili, Dick 0 7 0 0 0 7
22 175 Colder, Kenny 0 5 0 0 0 5
23 156 Swigart, Jim Aqua al 2 / SDBC 4 0 0 0 0 4
24 167 Stellenwerf, John San Diego Cyclo-Vets 3 0 0 0 0 3
25 178 Burns, Ken 0 3 0 0 0 3
26 169 wisnosky, mark aqua al 2/sdbc 2 0 0 0 0 2
27 179 Stellenworf, John 0 0 2 0 0 2
28 170 Roscoe, Gary San Diego Cyclo-Vets 1 0 0 0 0 1
29 159 turner, steven cyclo-vets 0 1 0 0 0 1


By John McKee

The weekend of April 10 & 11 had a tough decision for 55 and 60+ racers. The Cyclo Vets Ominium was scheduled against the Dana Point Grand Prix which has become one of the most popular events on the calendar. The city of Dana Point pulls out all the stops and the promoters do a tremendous job bringing in vendors, sponsors, prize money, vols, etc. The Cyclo Vets board choose the wrong event to muscle up against and realized it too late. They tried to change their date but the Saturday RR at the Blvd. course was tied into a college race and it was impossible to change(This is per Eric Smith-president of the SCNCA). That made it rough on 55 and 60+ racers because our groups don't have many active racers to begin with. Most guys gave the Ominium the nod. That left a few of us to battle it out at Dana Point. Fewer than 20 pre reged for the DPGP. Somewhere around 25 lined up for the criterium around 8:40 am on Sunday April 11, 2010. The day before there was a short uphill time trial. Apparently there was some kind of ominium for the 2 races for the event jersey. I defy anyone to look at the Dana Point flyer and find that out. It was a mystery competition and I bet the person that won the 60+ jersey doesn't know it until he reads my blog story(Michael Barnes-he wasn't at the podium presentation to pick it up. Nice jersey!).
The racers went off without much fanfare and a "Hi-yo, Silver, away!" in Lone Ranger talk. There were more 55s then 60s(15 55 finishers and 9 60s). I believe there were one or two guys that didn't finish. Our field wasn't large. Originally the flyer had one payout for all finishers in our race but I got the promoters to split the purse to $400 for each of our categories and only 9 guys show up in 60+.
It was no secret that UC Cyclery/JW Flooring was going to play its 2 cards tailored to their talents. UCC has Paul(The Tongue)Rodiguez better known as T Rod. You have heard of A Rod that plays for the Yankees and likes to spank Madonna or maybe it was visa versa. I can't remember. There was K Rod that played for the Angels but he left the home team for a bigger payday in NY. Now we have T Rod. T Rod is an all around very strong rider and is a threat to win the 55+ in a number of ways. Dale Luedtke is also a very strong all around rider but is best known as a finisher and we all know that he is very good at that. Swami's has a twosome that is much newer to the 55+ racing scene. Steve Cahill and Mike Birditt are Swami's 1/2 punch. Their talents pretty much mirror UCC. Steve is very much like T Rod and Mike if very much like Dale. Match on! Throw in a few other aggressive riders like Alex Collins and Todd Schooler. Both 55s and don't forget about Richard Stahlberg who is also a very aggressive rider and is 60+ but races like he is 55 and is strong enough to do so.The Shorts brothers of Velo Allegro are here as is Henry Schept of Sho-Air.
In 60+ racing besides Richard, Monty Pettus and myself were there to represent Paramount and it must have been no secret we wanted a one two finish. Also there to contest in 60+ were Mike Fleming and Carlos Cruz. Both riding well and in pretty good form.
The course is similar in a technical nature to Redlands. I think Redlands is a tougher course but DP is more dangerous because of the space on Del Prado between corners 5 and 6. With a small field our race was not a problem. Bigger fields created bad situations that ended in 20 crashes. One crash happened right after our race ended which had nothing to do with the course. More on that later. The minimum width for a course that passes USA Cycling guidelines is 21 feet. The first year of the DPGP the course was 21.5 feet on Del Prado. It's downhill coming into Del Prado making it much more of a problem. They have lengthened it out a bit and put hay bales at the "Starbucks" corner(5) and at the last corner which is turn 6. The swallow angle coming into turn 6 is a problem for a large fast field. The women suffered a big crash on their last lap. Cary Albert's wife took the worst of it with a badly broken arm.
The 55/60+ race got going and T Rod and Alex Collins were the most animated riders. Alex was always up for a go at a break attempt and of course it was no secret that T Rod was going to out there. 1/3 of the way through the race and 4 or 5 guys are away. T Rod, Alex, Richard, Steve Cahill and Todd Schooler. Todd is a rather unknown figure in 55+ racing. He has been around for a long time but I usually just see him at Foodpark on Saturdays in Orange County. He did the SCNCA Masters Champ last year and placed 6th so he has some talent but also a temper as you will find out.
I maybe one strong in this group as I thought I saw 4 but none the less the group failed. I was trying to keep my eye on Richard as he was the most dangerous 60+ rider out there to contest Monty Pettus and I of Paramount. Todd Schooler sounded upset when he came back to the pack. He said something like "Those f------ wouldn't work with me". Velo Allegro was very active in chasing.
The middle of the race was rather uneventful. Alex Collins was always looking for action and with about 12 laps to go he decided to take a flyer. Solo action. I am sure he was hoping that someone or group would join him but everyone left him not that far off the front to dangle and suffer. Alex kept it up lap after lap. With less than 5 laps to go T Rod, Steve Cahill and Todd Schooler made a move to catch Alex. With 2 laps to go they were closing in on Alex and Todd got a flat. Todd was so upset that when he dismounted his bike that he slammed his fist down on his saddle and broke his carbon seat rails(you can see him in my vid across from the finish line with his bike minus a saddle). After Todd was out T Rod and Steve joined Alex. Alex had to be tired after being out there solo for 9 laps. With one lap to go the 55+ winner was going to come out of this threesome and the 60+ winner was going to come out of the pack in a field sprint. Mike Birditt and Dale Luedtke were in the pack waiting to pick up the crumbs. Their teammates were ahead. There wasn't anything else they could do.
The most pressure of the 3 leaders had to be on T Rod. If he won, great and another UCC win BUT if he doesn't then a "bunchie" would have given UCC the best chance in 55+ with Dale Luedtke. Tough situation to be in, I say. T Rod decided to take it to Steve Cahill and Alex Collins from way out like at Redlands. Was the result going to be the same(Swami's win) or was he going to be able to pull this one off. Steve Cahill doesn't have the rep as a top sprinter like Mike Birditt. In a short time Mike has shown what he can do but not much is known about his teamate. T Rod wound it up half way down Del Prado with one corner to go. This was the right stragery against Alex because he was tired from his solo effort but was it the right move against Steve. I am not sure anyone knew the answer to that. I don't think even Steve knew although his teammate Mike Birditt had a lot of confidence in him. Steve mustered all the "French's" he could to close the gap as T Rod was smoking by now. Steve was able to close the gap and got back on T Rod's wheel before turn 6 eventhough he had to go deep to do it and was breathing hard. T Rod just kept it up after rounding the corner hoping to break Steve. Alex was long since off their pace. Unfortunately for T Rod he started to falter a bit coming toward the line and Steve Cahill came around him for the biggest win of his season. Nice job, Steve! You did your team proud. T Rod was 2nd and Alex was 3rd in 55+. T Rod gave it everything he had and just came up a little short. T Rod won the overall title and event jersey.
That left a field sprint for 4th place in 55+ and all 3 spots in 60+. Before turn 5 Mike Fleming and Carlos Cruz worked ahead me. I was thinking damn I don't see them much the entire race and here they work their way ahead of me. They were between myself and Monty. Richard Stahlberg was up front and like at LA Circuit got the lead out duties. Somewhere down Del Prado Dale Luedtke came to the fore. I knew he wanted to take it home from the last corner to the finish line in the lead. Dale won the 50+ SCNCA Championship here in 2008 doing the same thing. I was near the last corner watching and he was absolutely flying and took the corner so smooth and fast. I had to admire his bike skills which are almost off the charts. No one could come around him then and no one would be able to on April 11th, 2010 either but lets back up just a bit. Once Dale got out of the saddle before the last corner the race really heated up. Mike Birditt was right there along with Henry Schnepf of Sho-Air. Monty Pettus was also right there. Monty is on fire in 60+ right now. Once they got going they gapped Mike Fleming a bit and Carlos Cruz was right on Mike. Mark Planellas of SC Velo looked he was going backward and I was on his wheel and I quickly moved to his left to go around him. I was close to Carlos but not right on his wheel as we rounded the last corner. There was only 150 meters or so to the finish line.
Dale as you can see from the picture won the field sprint by a pretty good margin with Mike Birditt besting Henry Schnept to finish 5 and 6. Monty figured out that the best line toward the finish was near the rail because the concrete culvert that crossed the road was flatter there. No one in 60+ was near him anyway. Mike Fleming, Carlos Cruz and myself came in pretty tight with Mike taking 2nd place and Carlos besting myself by about 5 inches for the last podium spot in 60+.  After the first 3 55+ racers across the line in the field sprint the next 6 out of 7 finishers were 60+ with Richard Stahlberg taking 5th and Glenn Baldwin taking the last paying position in 6th place. Glenn came all the way down from SLO to do this race. Thanks for traveling like that Glenn to do this race! The bad thing about this race was after the finish line Richard Stahlberg crashed trying to make the right turn after the finish line. Richard was hurt pretty bad. Richard is a great guy and very strong rider and this is definitely bad news.
Our race was clean and hard. Thanks to all that came out. I wish we had a larger field but the Ominium is a great race and popular. The complete placing are below.

55+ Placings

2-Rodiguez(Overall winner)
9-Shorts, A
14-Shorts, R

60+ Placings

7-Barnes(Overall winner)

Monday, April 12, 2010


The final stage of the 2010 Cyclo Vets Ominium was the SCNCA Criterium Championships for ages 65 and up. You can see below that Loren Stephens won the 65+ division and Robert Paganini won the 70+ division. Congratulations to both riders!

San Diego Cyclo Vets Omnium
9-11 April 2010

RESULT: Huennekens Criterium
Men 65+

Pl Bib Name Team Time Bon(Pen) Behind

1 58 Stephens, Loren Pinnaclife Cycling Team 33:07 @ 0
2 64 Seri, Mario " "
3 54 Harless, Dale Cycle University " "
4 53 DEVOSS, Gary San Diego Cyclo-Vets " "
5 52 Wulbert, Daniel Sun Coast Velo " "
6 51 Haase, Richard San Diego Cyclo-Vets " "
7 61 Bitterlie, Robert " "
8 56 Trousdale, David Webcor/Alto Velo " "
9 59 Richards, Dennis San Diego Cyclo-Vets " "
10 60 Edwards, Michael Herbalife LaGrange " "

San Diego Cyclo Vets Omnium
9-11 April 2010

RESULT: Huennekens Criterium
Men 70+


Pl Bib Name Team Time Bon(Pen) Behind

1 34 Paganini, Robert PAA 33:07 @ 0
2 38 Melcer, Jacobo San Diego Cyclo-Vets " "
3 35 Steiner, Kurt Unatached " "
4 37 Turner, Jim Webcor/Alto Velo " "
5 33 Camarena, Edward Veloce Santiago " "

60+ Men's Cyclo Vets 2010 Ominium

By Guest Writer George Chester

Another great edition of the San Diego Cyclo-Vets Omnium. What a great course and the only stage race left for us 55+-60+ yr olds. The 1st highlight of the 3 days was Hylton Murphy out and breaking our legs once again. The second was the honor of getting to race with a great champion and sportsman, Kenny Fuller. Lastly the opportunity to share this great sport with many old friends, knowing we won’t have too many more opportunities.

Day one opened up at dawn, literally, with the Fiesta Island TT. I wish I was more familiar with their history, as this was the Championship weekend for all Grand Masters 65 –90+, and they are all great champions and inspirations to all of us. Link Lindquist at 80+ riding at 19.5 mph, Robert Bergen, 85+ riding at 19.16 and the Grand Champion at 90+, Gordy Shields riding the course. I was personally sent off at 6:44am with Kenny Fuller starting 1:30 behind. My goal to keep from being passed which I just managed by a second or two. Kenny won the TT at a blistering 27.16 mph. We offered to take him out for ice cream and Crispy Creams after, which he certainly deserved after such a great ride, but his lovely wife overruled us and so an every more fit and trim Mr. Fuller would once again ride us off his wheel in the following days. I put in as good a TT as I believe I have in me, avg somewhere around 300watts @ 25 mph, only to see that Bruce Steele had spanked me by half a minute and finished second to Kenny by about a minute. Great ride. Less than a minute behind me, but doing it on his road bike was Jim Morehouse coming all the way from Nevada. No question he was on form and may well have slotted in between Bruce and myself if he were on a TT bike. Hylton was signed in but did not make the start or all of us save Kenny would have almost assuredly dropped a spot. The stage was set for a three-way fight to the wire between myself, Bruce and Jim, with all of us having a front row seat to watch a display of heart and raw power by Hylton and Kenny.

Day two arrived breezy and freezing cold at 4000’ for the road race. Everyone who knows him was very happy to see Hylton on the line with us, and his old buddy and one of our best Johnny “Rocket” Rubic, who was officiating, came over and gave us a warm welcome. Great to see Hylton but you can’t expect too much form after all he has been through these last couple of year. Wrong! Carrying at least 30lbs over his old race weight, we roll out of the parking lot and I do 40 seconds at 450 watts, drafting towards the middle back of the pack. At two minutes after the start I record the high speed of the race, 45.5 mph. In the next couple minutes I work my way up to the front next to Bruce and as I look up the road I see the lead car and Ref with two riders more than a quarter mile up the road. I ask Bruce who it is and he replies Hylton and Kenny. Apparently Hylton drilled it out of the parking lot. Like watching Cancellara ride off the front we are now racing for second and possibly third. While sitting at the start staging area, one of the guys asked Kenny if he would start a half hour behind us, to which someone else quickly retorted, Naw that would be embarrassing. (He’d still catch and pass us) But what a treat to see Hylton, just like always ride off the front. There’s the train, it leaves the station at 7:30 am, right on schedule, jump on if you can or just stand on the platform and watch it disappear in the distance. Worried about all the crashes we are having and with some new and less-experienced riders charging up and down the group, Bruce lit it up on the rollers during the first half of the course, thanks. I hope I pitched in and did my share, and I saw Jim Morehouse, Jean Louis Villiot and Herb Johnson, (65+ winner and 2nd overall) working to establish a chase, but in all honesty we didn’t have enough depth and I know most of the guys were doing great just to be there. We turned the corner and Herb attacked pushing a monster gear, chased by Jean Louis, Jim, myself and Bruce. Sorry, I’m sure I have omitted a couple but I don’t look back during these moments, knowing the race is in front of me and soon I will have to give it everything to not buckle under the pain and relenting pace being set by Herb, Jean Louis and Jim. The opener on the hill was an attack of just under a minute at 17+mph, (400+ watts). After that we settled into a leisurely pace up a five and a half percent grade at just under 14 mph avg., (350 watt avg). Bruce almost held to the summit, but just slipped off. Climb number two saw us averaging 14 mph at a more sedate 310 watts on a shallower 4% grade, but the top short kick of 6%, felt like a wall and 11 mph and 350 watts was my max sprint, and not enough to hold Jim, Jean Louis and Herb. I settled in to TT mode, as the carrot was still very much in sight and reachable if they slacked the pace at all. A glance back showed Bruce a similar distance to me. Hoping he could get to me, but afraid to let the slim lead of the front two grow, (remember Kenny and Hylton are gone), we were all in TT mode hoping to catch the one in front and afraid of blowing. Nothing changed in the final climb, lap one. Just under twenty minutes we were averaging 14+ mph including the dips, and 11 mph on the 6% avg gradients. We finished the first lap, 22+ miles, 2000’ climbing with an average speed just over 20 mph. This sceanario held all the way thru to the final climb on the second/last lap when I finally caught Hylton. 3 years of very little riding, weighing over 200 lbs, I anticipated he might come back to us on the climbs. Most of us wouldn’t even have rated the cheap seats after all that, but it isn’t the first time I have underestimated that great champion, (and was soundly whipped during the lesson) I mistakenly thought our positions were fixed, and I had a good enough gap I could ride in with Hylton and talk about old times, and we are still doing over 9 mph after two hours, so we aren’t dog’n it. ‘ Nother mistake, don’t underestimated our State Crit Champion. You don’t get those jersey’s by giving up. Mid- conversation Bruce comes flying by in full attack, I say something best not printed here, Hylton says, “I think you better go now”. I doesn’t get any better than this. Bruce, Dan Wulbert, (65+ and 2nd riding a great race) and I take turns and ride towards the finish. All of us tired and spent, Bruce graciously says he doesn’t intend to contest me for 4th and we can all take it easy to the finish, when I believe Dan looks back and says someone is closing fast on us. I don’t even have to look back, I know it Hylton and drop the hammer, (what’s left of it). I know Hylton will never quit and it makes the race all the more special. Kenny 1st, Jim Morehouse 2nd, Jean Louis 3rd, myself 4th, Bruce 5th and Hylton. Overall now re-shuffled, Kenny, Jim, Bruce and me.

Day 3 and the final race is a Crit. Jim, Bruce and myself were not looking forward to this with all the needless crashes that this seasons crits have brought. The good news is Steve Borer was healed enough to come out and ride out the Crit. We didn’t expect to see him for another month or two. Please, look before you change lanes, and if your blocked your blocked, better luck next time. I’m certainly not perfect, but far too many people are hitting the ground, and it doesn’t really matter how we finish. It won’t change who we are or put us in the history books. Just being able to race is a gift at our age, Thank you Johnny McKee for all your hard work.
Jim, Bruce and myself go into the race with only a couple points separating us. Small field so you know, like the old days, (when we were 50 year old kids), a break will go off the front with Kenny Fuller and Hylton. Again, as Floyd said before his great TDF winning ride, the train leaves the station at 7:00am, “So grab a Coke and get your ticket if you want to come along”. We had already seen some nervous riding in the previous days RR. I don’t know the riders, but all I can say is, guys, nothing can happen once Hylton and Kenny are gone until we hit the climb. That’s what should make Road Races safer. Don’t charge up the gutters and through the fields for attacks or position, it makes no difference and on 30 + descents can send someone to the hospital. Back to the Crit. We roll off the start and Bruce, to try and make things safe, and racing like a champ drills it, taken over by Kenny, Hylton and again I hope and think I did my share. Sorry if I left someone out, I know Jim was also up front and attentive and we had Norm Kibble racing with us again. Three and a half minutes at 340+ watts, with two 500+ pulls for the opener. Leashes are still holding and the field is in tow. 5 minutes of rest at 22 mph while we catch our breath and then another attempt for the big dogs to snap the leash. Don’t remember who instigated it, Kenny, Hylton and Bruce were the three drivers. We jump from 23 to 29mph by doing 600+ watts for 20 seconds, and that was going up the hill! 2nd attack 2 minutes, 350 watt avg. 28mph avg. Leashes are still holding. Pag’s and the 70’s are still there, (great job), as I roll to the back of the pack marking Kenny, my eye fixed firmly on the train which is building up a head of steam. Bruce is riding up front near Hylton. I’m nervous being this far back, but know who the mover will be and what the move will be, I just don’t know when and if a can get on board. Four minutes and 2 laps pass at 21mph and then Kenny moves out to the gutter on the front straight and gets out of the saddle. It’s time to push all the chips into the center of the table. In 30 seconds we go from 23 mph to 34 mph averaging near 600watts. I didn’t see it but Hylton apparently initiated the move. I was about 10 lengths off Kenny’s wheel and at one point glanced back and saw a flash of yellow/orange 10+ lengths behind me which I knew had to be Bruce. Kenny consolidated with Hylton and I finally got on having now used my finishing sprint, totally blown. Hylton and Kenny then laid down two and a half more minutes at what had to be 400+ watts because I was turning 350 in the draft just hoping I could hang on. At the end of the 2nd time around I was recovered just enough to pull through and off for all of 10 seconds. To hold their pace I was pulling at over 450watts. At about this point I looked down and my computer said we had been racing for 18 minutes. I almost cried. That meant another 15 plus minutes and I couldn’t imagine sustaining this pace that long. I knew this move had me on the podium, but I also knew if I dropped off I would be so spent I would be eaten up in the bunch sprint. But the dice were already rollin’ on the table. Bruce, true to form almost made it over with a “Big Guy” who I suspect might have been Norm. Sorry if I’m wrong on that. With Kenny and Hylton driving I was only able to give the briefest of breaks to them when we came to a Prime lap. Hylton told me it was Kenny’s, and I told Hylton the last thing on my mind was Primes; I was just trying to hold their wheels. Hylton pulled long that lap so Kenny would have the Prime and when Kenny accelerated I was unable to help a tired Hylton close the gap. Kenny later apologized, which wasn’t necessary, as Hylton and I both knew it wasn’t an attack, just an acceleration we couldn’t hang on too. I believe we had 3 or 4 laps to go. We, Hylton mostly, chased Kenny for a lap and then settled in. Hylton said 2nd spot was mine, as he was not in the Omnium overall race and didn’t want to interfere. I told him he should have it because he did the work. He insisted. Thank you Hylton, your the class of the field in Heart. I hope Jim doesn’t feel badly about this, he raced an awesome race along with Bruce and I honestly feel in a way we are all tied for second behind Kenny. This will be one of my favorite race memories, because of the players. Thanks for the hard fast racing which gives it meaning, but also for the sportsmanship and friendship, which makes it unforgettable. Sorry, I don’t have all the results as of this writing, but the 60+ Crit was: Kenny Fuller, myself, Hylton, Jim Morehouse, and Bruce Steele. This re-shuffled the deck once again for the Omnium overall. Kenny Fuller 1st, myself 2nd, a very deserving Jim Morehouse 3rd and equal to us all Bruce Steele.

Thanks for the memories, George

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By John McKee

It's April 4th, 2010 and the 55/60+ group has already had one race in Ontario and now there's another race in Carson in the early afternoon. It is the CBR #4 in it's BAR series. I think it goes without saying that the field would be light and I already blogged and gave you the names of those that doubled up. Upon getting to the course in Carson there was a very strong wind blowing directly north. I was thinking that this would be toward the finish line but once I got to the registration area and saw that the races were going in a counter clockwise direction I knew this was going to be a hard race. It was a head wind after the last corner coming home.
Only 20 racers lined up to contest this race at 1:10 pm. The wind must have been at least 20+ mph. The 55s that lined up were mainly the very strongest and only 6 60+ racers were there and I had this sinking feeling that this race wasn't going to stay together and was I up to it. Yikes. I could have stayed at my daughter's house in Orange after the Ontario event and eaten my face silly and had Mimosas(orange juice and champagne). No! I had to go and shoot my mouth off about getting other 55/60+ racers out so naturally I had to come out. Was I in over my head. Would I get blown away so to speak. Only the strongest would survive. As the courses and the conditions get tougher the harder it is on the 60+ crowd. Some of the 55s don't quite get it yet but wait and add 5 to 8 years to you and see how it affects your performance. There is a lot more to staying competitive than just riding the bike. Enough with the soapbox.
The race was off with Wiford Czulak in the field. Wiford had floated the rumor that he wasn't in Carson to do the 55/60+ race but other races but when we lined up, he was there. Wiford is a large guy but his cycling strength for a 55+ racer is almost off the charts. The first couple of laps weren't bad and there was some jockeying but everyone was still together.
Around the 3rd lap there was a serious move and riders that saw what danger there was started to move across the gap or get left behind. This of course occurred going into the wind. The toughest time of course. I got across but was totally winded. Everything disintegrated at the front and things were back together but this just supported my theory that this was going was going to be a sufferfest.
On the uphill part of the course Richard Stahlberg shot off the front. Richard is riding very well right now and races like he is 55 and likes to stay right at the front. Richard is 60+ this year but his form is excellent and can mix it up with the 55s. Richard was off the front for less than a lap and another 60+ racer Doug Knox used his max reserve to catch up. About this time Don Denegal starts a move near the
start/finish line. I believe Don had been in the pit for a while with a mechanical/flat or something. Don't know how long he was out or whether he was attacking out of the pit or coming off the back of the pack. Ricky Shorts was right on this and shortly there after Kal Szkalak also jumped on this move. Since we had just gone by the start/finish area we were into the wind and the race was at its hardest. Riders saw this as the time to make the move and the strongest 55s jumped into action which included Wiford Cruzak, Dale Luedtke, Mike Birditt, and Steve Cahill. Doug had fallen off the pace and was coming back to the main field.
Wiford, Mike, and Steve shot by Richard and Richard was able to lock on. Now there is 3 guys in front. 5 guys are in the first chase group. The main field which I am part of has shrunk to 6 guys. Al Shorts tried his best to pull the main field back into the main action up front but slowly you could see the 5 pack ride off ahead and finally made contact the the 3 leaders. It was then 8 riders in front with one of them a 60+ rider. All Richard had to do was hang on and he would win his race. The other 7 had to battle it out.
In the main field that I was in included Al Shorts, Rod Mallory, Doug Knox, William Carvin, and Reed Moore. The 55s and myself did the most of the pulling with Al doing the most. Up front there were 2 Swami's and 2 UC Cyclery/JW Flooring riders with the the speedy Wiford Czulak of Amgen and Don Denegal of Major Motion. Mike Birditt decided to do what he could help his teammate Steve Cahill have a good finish. Steve is strong but raw out there. Mike has mucho experience and knowledge. Mike told Steve to sit in and do nothing! Mike would ride tempo when necessary and he did for the last 4 laps of the race. Coming up the hill for the last time with one corner to go Richard Stahlberg had a go to give everyone a boost. No skin off his nose. He had his race in the bag. About this time Wiford flats. Yikes! Bad timing. Kal called to Dale to jump and Dale did eventhough he thought this was a little premature. As you know from my posts Dale can bring home the bacon from pretty far out and today was no exception. Dale came smoking in for his second win of the day and Kal was 2nd. Steve Cahill nosed out Don Denegal for 3rd with Don 4th. Here is where it gets dicey as to who placed where. My best guess is- Ricky Shorts 5th, Mike Birditt 6th and Wiford Czulak 7th. Richard Stahlberg was of course the winner of the 60+ category.
In the main field Al Shorts carried us to near the end and Doug Knox jumped the field on the inside and no one could respond quickly enough. I think most of us had one thing on our mind and that was to get this thing over with. It was hard out there and surely we got a great workout. Doug Knox was the 2nd place 60+ finisher. I was 3rd. Reed Moore was the first 55+ finisher in our group and the rest of the guys dribbled in. Glad it was over.
Thanks to all that made it out to Carson to do the 55/60+ race. I know it was a tough day to come and race in the afternoon and I especially thank those racers that doubled up at Ontario and Carson and to the few 60+ racers that were in difficult circumstances in Carson but gave it a go. Hats off to you. I was actually glad I raced the double and enjoyed the total experience but boy was I hungry! Food and drink awaited me in Orange. Oh it tasted good! I also made my granddaughter's 7th birthday party. Happy birthday to you, Sydney Conine! That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!

Monday, April 5, 2010


By John McKee

It's Easter Sunday April 4th, 2010 and Ontario had the second of its race series. It's later in the year of course than the first one but it is still pretty cold at 7 am. Upper 40s and it wasn't bad when we raced but standing around afterward it was frigging cold with a blustery wind coming up. The pre reg numbers weren't very good but by the time we lined up there were 45 racers. Don Kimper and Steve Honine even though they pre reged weren't there because some bonehead told them the time had changed to the afternoon and they believed it. Doh! Check the latest flyer. It would have to have the updated time schedule.
22 60s and 23 55s were there and ready to rock and roll. The group rolled out at around 7:40 am. Everyone but Loren Stephens. Loren clipped a cone and fell down. Sanda Timbal  barely missed him and didn't go down as well. Loren got up and chased. He had to put in a pretty good chase too because Kal Szkalak of UC Cyclery/JW Flooring started the ball rolling with a good effort. Kal wanted to make the race hard for everyone and he and his teammate Dale Luedtke were but 2 of those that made the race harder and more interesting. Alex Collins, Phil Richards, Mike Birditt and Monty Pettus also put in efforts to pick up the slack. Eventhough the pace was pretty good there were still lulls in the action and there were a few posers that would filter into the front ranks. There was a new 60+ guy in a white jersey and a SC Velo guy with a paunch that I knew would crack when the pressure got put on. The SC Velo guy ran out of gas so bad at the end that Carlos Cruz almost ran into him and had to brake to avoid contact. Know your place and go places you are known and can handle.
As is usually the case the primes are very light at Ontario. I don't even pay attention to what they are but the series points prime always seem to bring some life to the pack. Once everyone hears that the pace slows. Energy conversation. The pace of course picks up as the line draws near. Not actually sure who won both the 55 and 60+ primes. Phil Richards was sprinting  so I assume he knew no 60+ guy was ahead of him.
No clear group of riders got any distance on the pack during the race. Some of the 55s are selective with who they break with. Wrong combo for whatever reason and they shut it down. There was one break that did get away and it included Kal Szkalak of UCC, Phil Richards of CVV, and Mike Birditt of Swami's. They were working it pretty good and got a decent gap. Wiford Czulak of Amgen thought this looked dangerous and tried to come across. Wilford is a very strong all around rider. Wiford got 2/3 the way there and it looked like he stalled out but he got his second wind and made it to the other 3. Phil was the only 60+ rider in the group and had the most to win. He would be guaranteed a victory if they could stay away. The other 3 would have to sprint for the win in 55+. Mark Planellas of SC Velo worked hard to pull back the foursome. Kal decided to throw in the towel with Wilford there. Kal has a chance sprinting against anyone but he figured UC Cyclery/JW Flooring had a better chance at a win with both him and Dale Luedtke sprinting for home. Both were comfortable sprinting in a bunch and Dale has a long sprint and can take it home from pretty far out.
Once the foursome got caught there were less than 4 laps to go. The jockeying was too start without anyone or team willing to give themselves up. The pace still wasn't bad until the last lap and then it was dreadful. The group got tighter and more anxious. Everyone was looking to UCC and Kal and Dale. Wiford, Mike Birditt and Monty Pettus were marking them closely. With 3 corners to go someone took Tim Marquez's front wheel out and he slammed the pavement. He got skinned up but no broken bones. No one else went down. I didn't see it so it was behind me. 
From the 3rd to the last corner to the last corner is when the race always heats up but not this race. This was the slowest lead in I have seen here in a while. The last corner is a sling shot but no one took advantage of it. Finally Mike Birditt jumped the field and started the sprint. He lead it out and was looking pretty good coming toward the line but Dale and Wiford were coming in hard and fast and low and behold 60+ racer Monty Pettus was also tearing it up coming home. Monty is looking stronger every week and right now on a flat course can challenge any 60+ racer in the country and that includes John Rubcic. John is also riding well so it would be quite a show to see both of them go at it. Monty topped out at over 37 mph in both the 55/60+ and the 50+ race that he finished 4th and passed 10 or so racers coming toward the line. Don't know what numbers Dale Luedtke had. Dale doesn't use a power meter, heart monitor or even a speedometer when he races and only uses his heart monitor when he does intervals in training.
All 3 of these guys got by Mike meaning Mike was 3rd in 55+ and Monty was 1st in 60+. Dale edged Wilord to take 1st place in 55+. 4th place went to a surprisingly fast Wayne Rosenkrantz in 55+. Loren Stephens put the bad start behind him and put in a blistering sprint and passed a lot of riders coming in 2nd in 60+. John Edwards of UCC placed 3rd in 60+ with Mike Fleming placing a respectable 4th. Placings to 12 places are below:


5-Gomez, R

That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!


By John McKee

Getting racers to go to 2 different venues on the same day is tough enough but on a day like Easter is understandably extra tough. Just wanted to get some ink to those that did the Ontario race in the morning and the CBR race in the afternoon. I wanted to get a pic of all of us in Carson but way too hard. Just have to go with a honorable mention. Those that did both were:

Dale Luedtke
Wiford Czulak
Mike Birditt(with his wife and dog)
John McKee
Michael Edwards
Kal Szkalak
Sanda Timbal(Sanda did a total of 4 races including the 2 55/60+ races)
Doug Knox
Tim Marquez(Tim raced Ont. and was at CBR with his car pool buddie Doug but because he crashed at Ont. he was too sore to race).
Reed Moore

Great job by all of you!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


California Bicycle Racing-2010 BAR (Best All-around Racer) Series, Masters 55+
Name,                  Team   Crit Number 1   2   3 Total
1 Dale Luedtke, UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 42 42 38 122
2 Kal Szkalak, UC Cyclery/JW Flooring   38 38 34 110
3 Ricky Shorts, Velo Allegro                     36 34 28 98
4 Howard Miller, Paramount                     30 32 26 88
5 Al Shorts, Velo Allegro                          34 12 30 76
6 Rino Barbagiovanni, Santa Clarita Velo  22 26 20 68
7 Witold Czulak, Amgen                            0   0 42  42
8 Vic Viscio, Velocity                              12 14 14  40
9 Don Denegal, Major Motion                    0 36 0   36
10 Mark Planellas, SC Velo                       0  35 0   35
11 Al Levi, SBW                                       0 10 18  28
12 Alex Collins, Canyon Velo                   28  0   0  28
13 Thomas Reilly, PAA/ReMax                 2  24  0  26
14 Wayne Rosenkranz, Radsport              26  0   0  26
15 Gregory Painter, Velocity                     24  0   0  24
16 Rodney Malloy, Velo Allegro                 0  0  22 22
17 Philip Walters, Encino Velo                  10  0  12 22
18 Joe Mastro, Team Velocity                    0 22  0  22
19 Craig Jones, Velo Avanti                        0 20  0 20
20 Steven Borer, Aqua al2/SDBC             14  6  0  20
21 John Luke, Unattached                           0 18 0  18
22 Richard Barron, Simple Green               18  0 0  18
23 Sanda Timbal, Velo Avanti                      0  016 16
24 Rick Carrera, Cycles Veloce                   0 16 0 16
25 Alex Gonzalez, Velo Allegro                    0 0 10 10
26 Ken Burns, SC Velo                               0  0   8  8
27 John Sinz, Canyon Velo                           8 0   0  8
28 Reed Moore, UC Cyclery/JW Flooring    6 0   0 6
29 Rick Roberson, UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 4 0   0 4

California Bicycle Racing-2010 BAR (Best All-around Racer) Series, Masters 60+
1 Rich Stahlberg, Ironfly                          38 38 42 118
2 John McKee, Paramount                      36 32 38 106
3 Donald Davidson, Citrus Valley Velo    32 42   0  74
4 Allen Kizuka, Velo Allegro                     0 24  32 56
5 William Carvin, Unattached                  34 18    0  52
6 Leo Pettus, Paramount                         42   0    0  42
7 Michael Edwards, Herbalife/La Grange30 10    0  40
8 Carlos Cruz, InCycle                             0   0   36 36
9 Barney Feigenbaum, Ironfly                  24 12    0 36
10 Mario Seri, Herbalife/La Grange           0   0  34 34
11 Sydney Duck                                       0  34    0 34
12 Doug Feist, Fog Racing                       28   0    0 28
13 Michael O’Connor, Alliance                26   0    0 26
14 Phillip Richards, Citrus Valley Velo        0  22   0 22
15 Michael McKinney, Radsport                0 14    0 14