Monday, April 5, 2010


By John McKee

Getting racers to go to 2 different venues on the same day is tough enough but on a day like Easter is understandably extra tough. Just wanted to get some ink to those that did the Ontario race in the morning and the CBR race in the afternoon. I wanted to get a pic of all of us in Carson but way too hard. Just have to go with a honorable mention. Those that did both were:

Dale Luedtke
Wiford Czulak
Mike Birditt(with his wife and dog)
John McKee
Michael Edwards
Kal Szkalak
Sanda Timbal(Sanda did a total of 4 races including the 2 55/60+ races)
Doug Knox
Tim Marquez(Tim raced Ont. and was at CBR with his car pool buddie Doug but because he crashed at Ont. he was too sore to race).
Reed Moore

Great job by all of you!

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