Friday, April 23, 2010


This conversation was overheard and retold by a well known Tea Party member so it much be true. Everyone is talking about "THE SHOWDOWN AT PONTIUS" and it seems these 2 celebrity politicians are also very interested in the Chuck Pontius Memorial Criterium......

Sarah "Shooter" Palen: Hey "Wackie". How are you doing?

Michelle "Wackie" Bachman: Fine "Shooter". What's you been up to lately?

SP: I have been so busy with this speaking tour. Boy is it taxing! The one good thing is I don't have to answer any real questions. Don't want to get caught off guard.

MB: Yea "Shooter", I know what you mean. What brings you to Southern California? Are you in between engagements?

SP: Yea "Wackie", I have a little time until my next speech.

MB: I would have thought "Shooter" that you would have gone home to Alaska and gone hunting and stuff.

SP: Yea, I just love to kill innocent animals but I am in town for the LA Times Festival of Books.

MB: I didn't know you could read...I mean like to read.

SP: Hey, I am a college graduate. I just love to read. I love to expand my mind reading the classics.

MB: You know "Shooter" your nose is getting longer.

SP: Oh well "Wackie" I guess I have to tell you the truth. I am in town to see "The Showdown".

MB: That's what I figured. I can't wait to see it too. You know Glen is going to have a piece on "The Showdown" between a segment on the climate change hoax and an interview with me. I think he is going to go to his black board. That should make the whole thing crystal clear.

SP: Great, I will have to tune in.

MB: Who do you like in the race?

SP: In which cat..55 or 60+?

MB: Isn't "The Showdown" all about the 60+ race?

SP: Not anymore. That Swami guy has decided to race and take on that gangsta crew at UCC in 55+.

MB: Holy taco, "Shooter". That sounds tough but I hear not all the gangstas show up.

SP: Yea, I hear that too. I so wanted to see T Rod.

MB: He's dreamy but he only likes blonds.

SP: NO! That's A Rod that only likes to spank blonds.

MB: Hmmmm....OK. What's this T Rod like?

SP: Well "Wackie" I know he likes to ski so I bet he would love Alaska.

MB: Who do you like in 60+?

SP: I know everyone is talking about Rubcic vs Pettus but I kind of like Bruce "Buns of" Steele. He looks so hot in that SBW kit.

MB: Yea, I hear you there "Shooter" but I kind of like that Paramount guy Monty Pettus. I heard through the grapevine that he hit 1244 watts the other day at the Intergiro sprint on his powertap.

SP: That is impressive, "Wackie". No doubt about that. He must be the favorite right now but that little guy from UCC is so fast down the stretch and has had great success the last couple of years.

MB: Yea, experience is important. Experience was one of your strong points in your resume for the VP spot.

SP: Thanks. You know Glen will probably ask you about this financial reeform on his show. Do you have any idea what to say?

MB: Well, "Shooter". I was a blank on that until I had lunch with these really nice guys from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, & Citicorp. They filled me in and up. Those apple martinis were awesome. They told me with this reeform they may not be able to make 3 billion dollars a quarter any more!

SP: You know "Wackie" those were paid lobbyists. It's their job to make things sound good for their side.

MB: What??? Is that legal?

SP: "Wackie" you better stick to something you know about like 55/60+ racing.

MB: Yea and I just love those race reports on that blog. I learn so much. What a writer. They say he rides pretty good too but can't win the big one.

SP: Who do you like on the gangsta crew in 55+?

MB: Well, "Shooter".. I like Luedtke in a "Bunchie" but Kal likes to work those breaks and what a body. Have you seen those pics of him in those skinny swimsuits? Yummy! That Swami guy with the big legs is good and that Amgen guy Wiford is also good. They will have their chances.

SP: "Wackie", any long shots in 60+?

MB: Yea, that pesky little guy. What's his name? Fleming, yea. He just won in Torrance and that Cruz guy has won twice this year.

SP: Thanks for the tips.

MB: OK, "Shooter". I guess I will see you Sunday morning in Valencia.

SP: Yea, "Wackie". I will see you there. The only bummer is I have to pay for my own hotel room. Maybe I can figure a way to stick it to someone.

The characters in this post are purely fictional. Any resemblance to someone real is entirely coincidental. LOL!

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