Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wackie: That was some kind of race in Santa Clarita at the "The Showdown". Don't you think, Shooter?

Shooter: Yea, it was kind of confusing for a while but the gangsta crew at UCC came through in the end.

Wackie: Yea, "The Annihilator" laid the wood to everyone in 55+ and "Rocket Boy" beat "The Paramount Flash" in 60+.

Shooter: That was pretty exciting but I heard "The Paramount Flash" went down later and broke some ribs. I know you and I were over at the Hyatt having brunch. Saw that writer guy in there having pancakes with raspberries, bananas and syrup and sipping mimosas.

Wackie: Yea, I saw him too. Shouldn't he been out there with his teammate?

Shooter:  You would think so. Didn't have his back. Like Johnny Mac during the campaign. His people let me do that Katie Couric thing.

Wackie: Well, it wasn't that bad. So you couldn't name a magazine or newspaper that you read and that thing on Russia could have been worse.  I'm sure Putin and the Russians are a danger to Alaska. You did make a comeback on SNL. Loved that thing with Amy Pohler.

Shooter: Enough about the campaign. I thought "Buns of" was going to do better at Pontius. He was always at the front and then at the end....

Wackie: Can't win them all, Shooter. Tough competition in 60+. 60+ had 6 of the first 11 finishers overall.

Shooter: You look a little different today, Wackie.  You been eating a lot of those animal products.

Wackie:  No, but I have to say that softly. I own a farm and get contributions from farm and rancher Pacs. What you are seeing is a butt bra by Booty Pop. Like they say "Go from flat to fab in a 'pop'". I want that KK look.

Shooter: What? KK. You mean Keith Ketterer? The guy that set the world record for the hour in 50+ on the track?

Wackie: No, Shooter. Not him. I know he is a "Giant" of a rider but I am talking about Kim Kardashian. What a booty she has.

Shooter: You are really out there, Wackie. I prefer the other KK. He doesn't race much with the guys this year though. I hear he is saving up for Natz and Worlds.

Wackie: Didn't that other guy also set a record that day at the track. The guy that always looks a little puffy after his winter off season.

Shooter: Oh, you are talking about Kenny. You haven't seen him in a while. He is sporting a new  athletic look since he married "The Iron Maiden".  She is tough. A regular food Nazi. They much be MFEO like in "Sleepless in Seattle". Riding better than ever too I hear. Another guy that doesn't race much but he should be at SLR this weekend.

Wackie: What happening this weekend in 55/60+ racing?

Shooter: Well there is Barrio Logan on Saturday. SDBC is the host club there. Look for the gangstas of UCC to dominate there. Home field advantage. "Rocket Boy" is closing in on Butch Stinton for the most wins there.San Luis Rey is Sunday. Should be a good race  in 55+. Kenny will be tough to beat in a road race in 60+.

Wackie: I hear the 55s and 60s are combined this year and scored separately.

Shooter: Yea, I guess they didn't have enough riders to make it work starting separately.

Wackie: You going to be at any of the races?

Shooter: I should make BL but I can't make SLR. I have to go to "Bewarizona" for another speech.

Wackie: See you on Sat.  then, Shooter.

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