Wednesday, February 18, 2009


By John McKee

You ever seen the program on the History Channel that has the worst occupations. If there was a program that had the toughest jobs for machines, I think it would be Dale Ludetke's warm up trainer. Have you ever seen Dale warmup before a race. His trainer had better be a good one because it gets a major test. By the time Dale gets to his final power spin his legs are a blur, the rear bike wheel is flying on the trainer roller, smoke is coming out of the sides of the flywheels, the bearing are yelling enough already. When Dale calls it quits the machine has got to be saying "Thank God that's over with". That's a good thing for the machine but that means he is going to take it out on the rest of us in 55/60+ racing. Dale still can win the 50+ cat. At Brea in the RMMC there was a 4 person break in the 50+ race and none of them were UCC. With one lap to go the foursome had at least 120 meters on the field. Those 4 guys collapsed worse than the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers. UCC came on like the New York Giants(who won the last 39 of 47 games to tie the Dodgers). Damn! A repeat of the earlier 55+ race. Dale first and Kal Szkalak second. What a bummer that the 60+ guys have to race with such fast riders.

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