Monday, May 30, 2011


By John McKee

I wanted on this 2011 Memorial Weekend to pay tribute to those that have served in our military from the 55/60+ bike racing family. That would be any of our racers or their fathers, uncles, sons, daughters, brothers, grandfathers, etc. I realize that there are many ways to serve your country but on this weekend without getting political which I can do I wanted to pay homage to those that have put on a uniform for our country. A few of you responded and we have pics of military personnel in uniform from 1861 to the present. We could have had a lot more but....

Flag raising ceremony for Memorial Day Weekend at Jim Swigart's San Diego community

Fred Nicolet- Army Grad- 1971


Fred Nicolet- last day in the Army - 2/74

Carlos Soto - United States Air Force- 1973

Pvt. Leo Monty Pettus- Army 1973

Bruce Steele- National Guard- 1974

Ernie Hoffer- Vung Tau, Vietnam- 1969 and 1970

Leo Longo- 1971- Leo served in the Navy from 1971 to 1977

"Senior Airman Christopher R. Davidson. He's won too many awards to mention, but I will include Space Systems Airman of the Year. His grandpa would be SO proud. Almost as proud as me, and the rest of his family." Quote from Don Davidson about his son, Christopher.

"My dad, Don Davidson, is at the far left of the front row. These guys were all from his high school - San Bernardino High School class of 1942." Quote from Don Davidson about his dad.

"My dad tapping out Morse code on board the LST-23 somewhere in the South Pacific." Quote from Don Davidson

Jack D McKee(father of myself-John D McKee)- South Pacific circa 1943- either Guadalcanal or Bougainville

Jack McKee- South Pacific- Jack also served in Korea(50-51) where he won a Bronze Star and served in Vietnam in 1968

Jack McKee- posing with machine gun but there were times he was at the gun and it was the real thing- his company fought off an aggressive Japanese counter attack one night. My dad never forgot the courage the Japanese showed as hundreds were killed.

Arnold Milford Sanders-John McKee's uncle(mother's brother)- Navy 1944 to 46- served on the Earle B. Hall

Benjamin Franklin Dean(on right)- Great great grandfather of John McKee- In uniform of the Northern Army during the Civil War- Enlisted 1861- Company A- 5th Kansas Cavalry

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