Tuesday, March 27, 2012


By John McKee

There is a new race on the calendar and was scheduled for March 24th, 2012 and called the Rosena Ranch Circuit Race. Rosena Ranch is a new residential development up highway 15 and just past Fontucky. Very nice looking development and they are looking for as many ways as possible to get exposure. They hooked up with Majestic Cycling and with a couple of revisions came up with an out and back course very much like LA Circuit but with some butt kicking climbs. Nothing over 3.7% but an extended period uphill going to the finish line. The turnout was modest but decent with about 35 entries. Separate purses of $250 for both 55s and 60s. A climbers course but a power rider could do well here or maybe a rolleur like Jens Voigt. You have to have some punch at the end if you make it that far.
I got to the course 2 hours ahead of time with my teammate Monty Pettus. It was foggy and tough to see. No wind but this area is known for windy conditions. The course is 3.74 miles and was being raced clockwise. The course gained 187 feet per lap. The only way they could do it with the turns and the finish(Eric Smith asked me later if I thought the course could be raced counter but my opinion was no. Too close from the last 180). The 3 road entries were closed off by CHP officers but vehicles(off road) were getting on the course and with the fog and riders going in the opposite direction of what traffic would flow made for a dangerous situation. The officials thought about changing the direction but didn't. I didn't see any other problems while I was there. Off road trails lead up to the road which was the problem.
Sho Air/Rock N Road's twosome of Mark Hoffenberg and Bob Pellkofer showed up and planned to take it to everyone. Make the race as hard as possible. UC Cyclery showed up with a number of riders lead by Kal Szkalak. UCC top riders besides Kal weren't there though. Jeffrey Moreton of PAA was there and plenty skinny and looked like a good climber. Never seen him before. I guess he picks and chooses his races carefully. In 60+ Kenny Fuller and Mike Marotta pre reged but didn't show but John Rubcic did a same day reg.
The race started on time at 10:55am with the 35 riders. Bob Pellkofer was the 1st to attack and he was caught. Hoffy attacked and he was caught. Pelky attacked again and he was caught. The next time Hoffy attacked he did so from the rear and Jeff Moreton who was marking Mark went with him. They gained a small advantage on everyone. Kal was very animated and trying to get his team to chase. They were doing the best they could.
At 2 and 1/2 laps into the race Mark noticed that the pack was bearing down the him and Jeff. At the far turnaround Mark accelerated up the first hill coming back for home. Jeff Moreton was dropped. Mark hung out there solo for a whole lap going full gas. He wasn't far away but still plugging along. He seemed to get caught just before the far turnaround at 3 1/2 laps into the 6 lap race. His teammate Pelky came up and at the turnaround they upped the gas. 180 turnarounds seem easy enough but is hard for riders in the middle or back of the pack. If the leaders charge off after the turnaround, it makes it hard to stay on. Have to go full gas and that was the way here. Everyone was going full gas and there was a split in the field. The back third split off. Don't know who cracked. Steve Borer of UCC tried to bridge back and got part way there and was getting tired. I tried to go then and hit a wall so to speak. Monty Pettus then took over and got everyone but 2 riders back on. The rest of the race didn't see the furor of this one stretch. All together now for the main pack.
Mark Hoffenberg made a false move to see what would happen and Kal and a number of riders jumped on Hoffy. Bob Pellkofer than countered. Perfect team work. Jeff Moreton locked on the Bob and off they went. They didn't get far ahead but kept pushing it. UCC struggled chasing. Kal was marking Hoffy and not chasing. Mark just played it mellow and waited.
On the last part of the last lap, Jeff Moreton did most of the work.  Jeff thought for some reason that Bob was a 60+ rider. Don't know why. Jeff doesn't race with us so I guess he doesn't who is who. Bob jumped and got a gap on Jeff and held it to the end. A win for Bob Pellkofer and Sho Air. Great work there.
Hoffy saw Jeff falter and sprang for the line. He came up a few bike lengths short and took 3rd. Everyone else followed in. John Rubcic came in as the first 60+ racer. Fred Nicolette was 2nd and Monty Pettus was 3rd. A good tough race on a challenging new course. Limited results are listed. That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!
55+ finish list- top 6
1- Pellkofer
2- Moreton
3- Hoffenberg
4- Ainsle
5- Hartley
6- Luke

60+ finish list- top 6
1- Rubcic
2- Nicolette
3- Pettus
4- Swigart
5- Miller
6- Borer
55+ podium- Moreton, Pellkofer, & Hoffenberg

60+ podium- Nicolette, Rubcic, & Pettus

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