Friday, June 25, 2010


By John McKee

Mahattan Beach Grand Prix is Sunday June 27th. This is the second year that the 55s and 60s have been put back in this big event. 2009 was a successful showing of 55 and 60+ racer. There were 21 60 and 27 55 finishers in 2009. Not sure how many registered or showed up at the line. In 2010 there are 28 55s and 16 60s pre registered. Light on the 60s for sure.
Some of the favorites are shown in the pictures. This is only some of the favorites so please no one get bent out of shape because your photo isn't here. Keith Ketterer is entered in the race and will be an important counter balance to UCC. UCC dominated the action at SPGP. KK along with a grouping of other 55+ riders  like Mike Birditt, Steve Cahill, Al and Ricky Shorts, Rick Swanson, Alex Collins, and Mark Planellas should provide a strong non/UCC contingent. The UCC riders are in good form and are going to be dangerous. Paul Rodiguez won last year in a solo effort but with heavy team support. Paul is on good form having just won SPGP. If  it comes to a bunchie, look for Dale Luedtke or Mike Birditt. Kal Szkalak could win any number of ways.
In 60+ action look for John Rubcic to sit on the UCC train and use his great sprint to pull home yet another victory. Monty Pettus has won before at MBGP in 55+ and knows how to do it. Monty is hurting a little with his shoulder but doubt that will hold him back during the race. Mike Fleming is always dangerous at MBGP with his great bike handling skills. He does that last curve as good as anyone. Love to see an unknown win here but that is unlikely.
We must hope for a good clean race with NO CRASHES! Good luck and thank you to everyone that shows up at MBGP. This maybe our last year in the event unless we get some more same day regs. Hopefully with a few more registered riders Eric Smith will give us another shot in the lineup in 2011 at MBGP.

Pictured from top to bottom are: John Rubcic-60+, Mike Fleming-60+, Monty Pettus-60+, John McKee-60+, Mike Birditt-55+, Dale Luedtke-55+, Paul Rodiguez-55+, Keith Ketterer-55+ and Kal Szkalak-55+.


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