Friday, July 23, 2010


Phil: Welcome to the San Marcos 55/60+ race preview. Let's have a look at the racers we should see in the race.

Paul: It looks like there are 15 riders in the 55+ category:

1 Michael Birditt Masters 55+
2 Steven Borer Masters 55+
3 Ken Burns Masters 55+
4 Steve Cahill Masters 55+
5 Peter Dufour Masters 55+
6 Stephen Horine Masters 55+
7 Dale Luedtke Masters 55+
8 Reed Mayne Masters 55+
9 Michael Mueller Masters 55+
10 Mark Planellas Masters 55+
11 Fred Provence Masters 55+
12 Paul Rodriguez Masters 55+
13 John Wagenaar Masters 55+
14 Mitchell Weinstock Masters 55+
15 Warren Wicks Masters 55+

Phil: Yes, well there are 9 riders pre registered in 60+ category:

1 William Carvin  Masters 60+
2 Domenick Forte Masters 60+
3 Raphael Gomez Masters 60+
4 Donald Kimper Masters 60+
5 John McKee Masters 60+
6 James Morehouse Masters 60+
7 Leo Pettus Masters 60+
8 John Rubcic Masters 60+
9 Bruce Steele Masters 60+

Paul: There are some extremely strong bike riders in this race.

Phil: Yes there are. This looks like it is going to be a superb race but I really don't know who is going to win.

Paul: UCC/JW Flooring has a very strong team and is going to try and time the finish to perfection.

Phil: Yes, let's have a look at their riders for the day.

Paul: Paul Rodiguez won last year in 55+. He caught everyone unawares early on and rode like a man possessed.

Phil: They also bring to the table Dale Luedtke, Kal Szkalak, Mitch Weinstock and Mike Mueller as possible winners.

Paul: You know Phil this is in fact a very difficult course. I don't know if Dale will have anything left in those legs after 40 minutes of racing. If it is a bunch sprint he will go for it if he can.

Phil: Mitch Weinstock or Mike Mueller could make a move early on or they could set up their sprinters Kal or Dale late in the race.

Paul: It does look to be a big battle with Swami's bringing to the table Mike Birditt, Reed Mayne and that happy wanderer Warren Wicks. Mike is your 55+ criterium champion and Warren is a very strong bike rider.
Reed hasn't won a bike race this year but he is a very important team member.

Phil: Well So Cal Velo bring Ken Burns and Mark Planellas and we know what they can do. Steve Cahill is going to be there and is riding very well but when is that man going to learn to sprint.

Paul: UCC also has Steve Horine, and John Wagenaar to support there big bike riders. Look for them to bury themselves for their team leaders.

Phil: Yes indeed. Steve Borer is coming off a good performance at Ontario. He was caught 1 kilometer from the line. Look for him to mix it up.

Paul: It is going to be magical. Look for someone to make a very clever move or go straight over the top.

Phil: You know we are also going to have a good race in 60+ but we have a heavy favorite in UCC's John Rubcic.

Paul: John knows how to get to the front on the last lap without using a awful lot of energy and time the finish to perfection.

Phil: Look for Bruce Steele the defending champion to to do well but he is going to have to make a move. In 60+ it could be every man for himself.

Paul: Climbing specialist James Morehouse will be there and is riding very strong. He could do some damage. John McKee of Paramount has very good form right now and won at Ontario Airport several weeks ago. That was a pretty impressive performance.

Phil: I don't think you have to worry about sprinters Monty Pettus and Mike Fleming. They were off the back last year. Could be a very long day for them. Don Kimper had some very bad luck last year and could do well.

Paul: You know Phil the Tour de France is going to finish on the 25th so some of the big fans of 55/60+ racing won't be there.

Phil: You mean like The Borat Trio, The Clean Bottle Guy, The Caveman Couple, The Yellow Le Tour Suit Guy, The Butt Moon Men, & The Devil Man.

Paul: Yes well they have opted to be at the last stage of the TdF rather than be at San Marcos for the 55/60+ big show.

Phil: Well we will all see you on Sunday and see who the Road ID rider of the day is going to be.

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