Friday, October 15, 2010


By John McKee

It was a long season that started at the Poor College Kids Road Race and ended with the CBR Cal State Championship on Sept. 12th. That ended point worthy races for SCNCA and the CBR BAR series. That is where my count also ended even though there were a few more challenging races left. The 55+ category saw a lot of riders podium but victories were more concentrated. Dale Luedtke had the most wins with 14 with Kal Szkalak at 8 and Mike Mueller at 5. All 3 are with the same team, UC Cyclery/JW Flooring. That is what you call domination. Keith Ketterer had 4 wins on a very limited schedule. Congratulations to ALL the racers that competed in 55/60+ races this year. You all made racing possible and everyone benefited. The racing for the most part was safe. The Long Beach GP had the most crashes and there were a number of factors involved there and the course itself was the main factor. The worst crash was at San Marcos. All the other races saw few crashes and there were none at the CBR Dom Hills race series. Hopefully we can build on our success in 2010 and get more people racing. Work on your teammates to try a race next year. Most riders once they start racing get the bug and keep coming back.

55+ WINS

Luedtke       14
Szkalak         8
Mueller         5
Ketterer        4
Rodriguez      3
Birditt            2
Czulak          2
Shuey            2
Tippetts         2
Shorts, A       2


Szkalak        26
Luedtke        22
Birditt           15
Mueller          9
Ketterer         8
Rodriguez       6
Wilcox           5
Huffman         5
Collins           4
Czulak           4
Shuey            4
Shorts, R       4
Bleth             3
Marotta         3
Tippetts         3
Shorts, A       3
Swanson        3
Morris           3
Dufour           2
Helvie            2
Denegal         2
Doughty        2
Stetina           2
Fuller            2

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