Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 MASTERS NATZ 55+ ROAD RACES- BEND, OR. 9/3 & 9/4

By John McKee

The road races at Masters Nationals were started on Saturday, Sept. 3. The 65-69 men started at 8 am and 10 minutes later everyone 70+ would race and be scored separately in their respective categories. The men 60-64 would start at 10 am and the men 55-59 would start Sunday, Sept. 4 at 8 am.
It was a little cool on Saturday but not bad at all. I had ridden and driven the road course several times and everyone knew the hardest part was the power climb on Archie Briggs near the end of the racing loop. Short but fairly steep stretch. 300 to 400 meters of up to 10/12 %. After you get off the steepest portion it is still uphill for a ways and has 2 more rollers that pound you. It seemed like more of the course was downhill than uphill but that's probably because I am such a good climber. LOL. There is a portion of the course out and back from the start/finish line to the 14.5 mile loop which gains 1,253 feet. All of the 55+ groups did 2 laps which amounted to 57 kilometers. In the 65-69 race I was popped after climbing Archie Briggs the first time but chased back on after getting to the downhill portion. I hung until Archie Briggs the 2nd round and got popped going up. 8 guys stayed together to the end and John Elgart won the field sprint. which was no surprise since he won the criterium in front of me 2 days prior.
In 70-74 Daniel Wulbert won the road race with a great performance. Daniel did well in all 3 events and won the overall in 70-74. In 75-79 Robert Paganini won the field sprint in eye popping speed. Pags really turned some heads with his top end speed. In 80+ Link Lindquist placed 3rd in 80+ in another good ride by Link, the oldest rider at the competition. 84 years young. After the games Link and his gal, Kathy went to Provence, France to lead a tour and ride up Mt. Ventoux.
The men 60-64 went off after the older categories finished and had a very big field of at least 50 starters. David LeDuc of North Carolina bested Kenny Fuller at the end of the road race. Kenny had dropped him on Archie Briggs but David fought back to the small lead group and got the jump on everyone to win. Kenny was 2nd in the race. Kenny won the 60-64 all around.
On Sunday the men 55-59 started at 8 am with almost 60 riders. Paul Rodiguez of UCC was the 5th and Wayne Stetina of Breakaway from Cancer was 3rd. They were the only riders from Socal to medal. Very strong field. I have a lot of podium pictures and will include as many as I have. I don't have the 55-59 podium. That's all for now folks! Train hard and race safe!

80+ podium- On left Link Lindquist 3rd place
75-79 podium- Robert Paganini at the top- 2011 National Champion
70-74 road podium- Daniel Wulbert at the top- 2011 National Champion

60-64 road podium- Kenny Fuller 2nd from the left- 2nd place

65-69 road podium- John Elgart at the top- No Socal riders here but I wanted to remind myself where I want to be next year.
Daniel Wulbert- 70-74 Overall champion

Kenny Fuller- 60-64 Overall champion

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